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    Just purchased the Tasco Boresighter with 14 bore studs. I used it on my 3030 Lever Action rifle and it worked great. The scope on this rifle is low rise and the grid on the boresighter was perfectly clear and easy to adjust. I have not zeroed it in on a target yet as I am not in an area to do so and will have to do this later. However, when I tried the boresighter on my 303 Enfield British (which has a high rise scope) the grid was not the same. The grid was not as clear and seemed smaller, making it harder to align or adjust the crosshairs to the grid. Anyone have an experience with boresighters. Could this be because the scope is higher? I did manage to align the scope with the grid but was wondering if it will do the job right. Does the height of the scope make a difference to the accuracy of these boresighters? Thanks for your help.
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    yes. as long as it gets you on paper its done its job. i wouldnt trust the readings too much just center for 100yds. if your not on the paper your either low or high left right wont matter as much. aim at the bottom edge of the target if your not on if still not try the top. one of em should show how far off you are.

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    I have had this type of boresighter for years,although mine is a different brand,and they work great at getting you on paper the 1st shot.
    Depending on the height of the scope over the centerline of the bore will make a difference on whether or not you can see/use the grid correctly.

    IMO,It's always best to shoot at 50 yards first,and then go on to further distances when sighting in.You will also use less ammo if the scope happens to be way off.
    Mine has always hit near the bullseye on most scope setups.It usually only takes a couple shots at 50 yards to have it dead on,and then I move out to 100-200 yards depending on the rifle.