Tasco 10-40 x 50mm

Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by Nomadjcb, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Nomadjcb

    Nomadjcb New Member

    Does any one have any experience with this one. I know that it is cheap
    but I happen to already have it. I am thinking of putting it on a 308.

    I spoke to someone that said that it may not hold its sighting on that
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  2. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Tasco is an OK cheaper scope. Did I read that right- 10-40X? Lord, that is gonna be pretty dim on high mag, and hope you are on sandbags (or don't get coffee jitters) Most .308s are midrange recoil (but I did just get a 6 lb carbine in .308 that will put tears in your eyes!) What are you planning to use scope FOR? IMHO, high mag does not work well for hunting except very small varmints that stand very still. Paper punching, different matter. Will the 50 mm bell clear the barrel OK?

  3. Squirrel_Slayer

    Squirrel_Slayer New Member

    I have an old Tasco Custom Shop 10-40x60 and I dig it. Back in the day they were really expensive and have heard their optic clarity can be compared to Leupold. I have done the box drill and it performed perfect. So far it has held zero terrifically, that being said, it's on my .223 AR15 varmint gun.
  4. Nomadjcb

    Nomadjcb New Member

    I will probably use the gun mostly for target shooting, but I may hunt a little.
  5. Ruzai

    Ruzai New Member

    What distance to you plan on shooting to? I figured the only one daft in the head enough on this forum to use anything over 24x would be me :p
    Sometimes the cheap scopes can hold up ok on a mid-recoil like the 308. I have my 6-24x on a Browning 308 semi-auto, so I dont see why yours wouldnt work unless you do a whole lot of rapid-fire and really shake it up.