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    Close! It's Fort Indiantown Gap! In Pennsylvania.
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  2. Nmwabbit

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    no bullseye envy or laser aiming here...nor no zombie/human/animal silhouette nonsense...

    pvc pipe for base, wooden 1x1 upright frame, brown paper taped over the frame and i'm all set for practice at whatever distance i chose...normally 30 feet for SD handgun and depending on my mood 50>75 LG

    based on ambidextrous muscle memory 2in groupings more than suffice for my purpose for SD shooting practice.

    course, the laser training pistol weighted to replicate my SD carry handgun(s) helps tremendously and saves gaggles of $$ on ammo!

  3. sheriffjohn

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    Used paper plates stapled to center of mass on B-27 targets in basic pistol course at Sheriff's academy. About the same size as center of target and much easier to see hits, even from 25 yard line. Starting at the 5 yard line, slow fire, 10 consecutive hits allowed the cadet to move to the 7, then 10, then 25 yard lines. Next was timed fire followed by removal of the paper plates, shooting the B-27. Scores improved over using B-27's from the start.

    Plus those who shot on their own time, out of classes, always had a supply of targets. No trouble scoring, no points for spraying, either they hit or didn't. Plus everyone saw how you did (or didn't). Back in the day, we also fired at the 50 yard line for part of the qualification.
  4. Pasquanel

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    I gather old political and advertising signs and use them as target stands.
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    Used paper plates?
    "Aim at the ketchup"!!

    Lately I have been using old circular saw blades.
    A hook in a 2 X 4 out 20 yards is perfect for .22 plinking.
    The thicker, larger blades ring nicely like a gong.
    The thinner ones....not so much. They dent easily but not a big deal.
    You get the noise and the movement.
    And most of the time you can buy a new blade cheaper than having the old one sharpened.
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    Those metal real estate signs work great for target stands. Quite often a realtor never comes back to pick one up after a house is sold. I have a number of them that were just left and put out for trash pick up. A few more from yard sales that some folks had in their garage for 5-10 years.
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    I buy IDPA targets in 100 boxes from Midway or Brownells. I don’t go through a lot since I only care about misses. This is 100 rounds of trigger practice. Got a little sloppy with my head shots towards the end, but dialed it back in quickly.

  8. microadventure

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    plastic jugs for beverages. the kind with screw on lids. build an A frame, hang a dozen at various heights. run a drywall screw into the top. to simulate a rabbit, run a string through the top and bottom and hang it horizontal. to simulate a quails head, use a pill bottle

    print them yourself:
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    well, if you have land and a good and tall back stop you can make your own moving target for just the price of a gas power radio control car. yeah, that means you'll have to spend a 100 or so bucks...…………. but a stick and a cardboard cut out would cost you nothing at all.
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    I pick mine up at gun shows. I get three packs of 50 for about $10