Target shooting in my back yard.

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by JustAnotherGunLover, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. JustAnotherGunLover

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    So i was wondering if i am allowed to shoot in my back yard. I live in indiana and the state laws say nothing specifically about weather or not i can or cant. Only thing i really seen was that i cant shoot over roads and afew other things like that. Anyone got any clue or ideas. I have even stoped a sheriff and asked him and he said he wasnt even sure.
    Oh, i have a Marlin Mode 60, the old one that holds 18 shots.
  2. Glasshartt

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    Welcome to the Forum. The best bet is to check with your local law enforcement officials.

    Please stop by the introductions thread and tell us a little about yourself.

  3. TCH2FLY

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    Don't assume anything until you check the ordinances in the county where you reside. If you are inside a city limit you are probably out of luck but you need to check those ordinances as well.
    I can't tell you the rules in Indiana but in my county in Georgia the rules call for certain sizes of land and distances from roads and homes, so under some circumstances it can be done ...
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    I went to city court last week. There was a guy there who was fined $250 plus court costs for firing a BB gun in city limits. That is St. Albans, WV.
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    What you need to do is look into your county/ city code. It is different everywhere.

    Where I live in VA if you have 5 or more acres you can shoot all you want. No matter if your in a development or not.
  6. JustAnotherGunLover

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    Thanks for the advice. Funny thing is i live right next door to a retired police officer and 2 more live down the street (im assuming theyre married.) and neither of them had any idea either. Its like a mistery to them. Il just probably keep asking.... Thats all i can do for now.
  7. winds-of-change

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    MY guess is if there are occupied homes that close to you, the answer is 'no'. Just my guess. If you are within some city limit, you probably can't shoot any weapons on your property.
  8. TCH2FLY

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    THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICEI found a good site that might help in your search for info called
    Here is the link to Municipal Codes for Indiana. First select the city or county that you want to check and then select " ... Code of Ordinances".
    Once you are in the list you need to find the area covering firearms, sometimes you will see a chapter or section for firearms is in the main menu but in most cases it is located within a subsection. Check in chapters titled "PUBLIC SAFETY" or "OFFENSES AND MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS" until you find the section on firearms. That should give a you a starting point .. most times it is very clearly listed as prohibited or restricted to a range and I would probably call it case closed. This is common language:

    "(A)No firearms, including air rifles and pellet guns, are to be discharged within the city limits except as specified in subsections (a)(1) and (2):
    (1)The discharge of firearms is permitted in the act of self-defense or the protection of private property.
    (2)The discharge of firearms is permitted in areas designated by the city council as firing ranges."

    A lack of prohibition would make me look further before I just start popping off rounds.

    THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE but it maybe possible to shoot within a city limit, here are some examples of the codes in some GA and CO cities

    The code regarding discharge in one CO city:
    "2. Any person to recklessly or with criminal negligence discharge a firearm or shoot a bow and arrow or blow-dart weapon."
    IMO that means you could shoot as long as it isn't "reckless" but that determination would fall to the judge if it went to trial;)
    "air guns" are another story, fair amount of restriction:
    "6. Any person to discharge an air gun anywhere in this City except in shooting galleries or on any private grounds or in any residence where such instrument can be fired, discharged or operated in such a manner that the projectile does not travel outside the limits of such gallery, grounds, or residence; and, provided further, that the instrument shall not be discharged or operated in such a manner as to endanger persons or property. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent the concealed carrying of any air gun when unloaded and properly cased to and from any range or gallery."

    Here is one from GA:
    (a)It shall be permitted to discharge a weapon within the city limits under the following conditions:
    (1)In compliance with the game and fish code as set forth by the state general assembly and the regulations set by the state board of natural resources, wildlife resources division (a copy of the code and regulations may be obtained by contacting the secretary of state's office).

    (2)On property of zero to 20 acres in size a permit to discharge a weapon must be obtained by the landowner from the chief of police unless landowners with adjoining acreage (totaling 20 acres) are in an agreement that discharging a weapon is allowable.

    (3)The individual discharging the weapon must not do so in such a manner that the projectile crosses another's property line, endangering life or property.

    (4)The individual discharging the weapon must be the landowner himself, the landowner's legal relative or a guest of the landowner holding written permission (leasing property to hunting clubs is not permissible).

    (5)Possession of a pest control permit issued by the city.

    So check the ordinances for your local area carefully before you pull the trigger THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE :D:D