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    so i headed to the range wednesday afternoon. it was chilly at 47 degrees, very little wind. but i was still more than ready to pull the trigger. i took my marlin.22, winchester model 70 chambered in .308, and my mosin 91/30.

    my .22 performed great as it always does. most all shots under 1 1/2 in at 50yards. fired about 75 shots or so.

    moved along the line, with these two rifles i alternated to give my barrels at least a little cool down time in between. i would fire three to four shots from each rifle then switch to the other, with a total of twenty rounds per each.
    ive never fired my mosin at this range for much more than fun however i would like to practice alot this summer so i can use it for deer season.
    my .308 has been my deer rifle for several years now. last year it got a new bushnell elite 3200 scope..

    now granted i had coffee that morning and i know i have not practiced as much as i should but i was really hoping my .308 would of performed better.

    in your opinion, do you think besides my flyers, that my main group was low to the left. should that warrent a scope adjustment or could it be something i am doing that is putting my shots to the left. side note. when shooting my pistols i sometimes hit more left too. im not concerned to much with elevation as 100 yards is about the longest shot oportunity i have where i hunt. once in awhile there is a 250yrd shot into the some fields but not often.

    but then with my mosin, i was to the right. not as tight a group but by far there is a definite hit area. and its not near the center. how should ior can i adjust my mosins sights. i looked but only found elevation on the rear sight.

    ideas? concerns? need more info? please let me know

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    The .308 target looks like the result of a trigger control issue to me.
    The only feasible way to adjust for windage on an as issued Mosin is to drift the front sight. This can be accomplished with a jury rigged c-clamp or a brass punch and mallet.

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    Are you shooting off a rest? If you are shooting off a rest and holding a consistant picture, I would make sure your ring and mounting
    screws are all tight. Are you by any chance flinching? It looks like you could tap the front sight on the mosin slightly to the right. You have to do everything exactly the same every shot. The way you hold the gun, the way you squeez the trigger, where you rest the gun on the rest (usually about half way between the mag and the ft sling swivel.