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One of these are on my list. I have only used one (not owned by me), The Bullseye Ammocam. Unfortunately, it is no longer made by the company. They have/had 2 versions, a short range one called the "Sight-In Edition" (good to 300 yards), and the "Long Range Edition" (good to 1 mile). It was pretty awesome and worked perfectly. They have some new version cameras, and if they work just as good, then these are great - SME by GSM Outdoors

Their current short range version is $349, the long range version is $649. I don't know if there is any difference in software or the camera itself, because if it's just a distance thing, I'd be apt to buy the cheaper one and modify it for longer range reception (that wouldn't be hard).

There are quite a few other brands out there too. I would suggest watching reviews on youtube.

My gun club owns a couple of systems (don't recall the brand), but I haven't used theirs yet.

I looked into building my own camera system from scratch using drone parts, and I can do it, but even though I can write code, I'm not good enough at programming to duplicate the software features these have (which is a big part of them, they can do a lot more than just show you a live picture). By time I add up the parts costs and my time to even write some basic code, it's just as cheap to go buy one.
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