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Recently I have just been thinking of someday down the road possibly getting a Target Camera System to also use and be compatible with my Android Cell Phone or I-Pad at the Shooing Bench. The main consideration is the cost. But IMO the advantage of having a Target Camera would be one of two that I have done for years.
1. You would not have to get off the Rifle to look through the Spotting Scope
2. On occasion it I could not see clearly or was not sure about the Impacts on the Target. Jump in my Rhino and drive down to the 100 Yard Line to check the Target out closer.
It would seem that with the Camera System sending a picture to the Cell Phone or I-Pad would be great. Still on the Rifle just look over to the side or off to the side of the front at the Screen.
So my question is! Does anyone here own or have experience with a Target Camera System?
If so the recommended Brand and System Model. Also any positive or negative in put regarding having or using one!:)

Thank You!
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One of these are on my list. I have only used one (not owned by me), The Bullseye Ammocam. Unfortunately, it is no longer made by the company. They have/had 2 versions, a short range one called the "Sight-In Edition" (good to 300 yards), and the "Long Range Edition" (good to 1 mile). It was pretty awesome and worked perfectly. They have some new version cameras, and if they work just as good, then these are great - SME by GSM Outdoors

Their current short range version is $349, the long range version is $649. I don't know if there is any difference in software or the camera itself, because if it's just a distance thing, I'd be apt to buy the cheaper one and modify it for longer range reception (that wouldn't be hard).

There are quite a few other brands out there too. I would suggest watching reviews on youtube.

My gun club owns a couple of systems (don't recall the brand), but I haven't used theirs yet.

I looked into building my own camera system from scratch using drone parts, and I can do it, but even though I can write code, I'm not good enough at programming to duplicate the software features these have (which is a big part of them, they can do a lot more than just show you a live picture). By time I add up the parts costs and my time to even write some basic code, it's just as cheap to go buy one.
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