TAPCO AR Carbine Mil-Spec Receiver Extension Tube

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    TAPCO AR Carbine Mil-Spec Receiver Extension Tube

    Item Description

    All receiver extensions are not equal, and the INTRAFUSE® tube is second to none. The best Mil-Spec extension available today, our tube is impact extruded, producing a much stronger part. This is done using 7075 T6 Aluminum, the same material as most AR receivers. INTRAFUSE® didn’t skip any steps on the finishing process either. The inside of the tube is coated with Mil-Spec dry film lubricant that not only keeps the action quieter; it reduces metal-on-metal contact, extending the service life of your buffer. While most other tubes are anodized or have no finish, the outside of the INTRAFUSE® tube is grit blasted to leave a non-reflective surface, then coated in Mil-Std 171 Lusterless Black for a smooth matte finish. Unlike many of our competitors, our tubes are 100% made and finished in the U.S. We’ll even supply a certificate of origination; you won’t find that anywhere else!

    Item Specifications

    -Manufactured from 7075 T6 Aluminum
    -Coat in Mil-Std 171 Lusterless Black
    -Inside coated in Mil-Spec Dry Film Lubricant
    -100% U.S. Made