Tannerite Fun for .22LR

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    Tannerite Fun with .22LR

    We’ve all see the massive booms and nice puffy clouds of smoke put out by Tannerite in those relatively expensive containers. One and done. On to the next one. Wouldn’t it be great to have this much fun, at less expensive, with .22LR? Yes, yes it would.

    Well, I had a chance the other day out at Asymmetric Solutions in Farmington, Missouri to watch a friend try out a great way to enjoy Tannerite at a fraction of the cost. He picked up a great little kit of Tannerite designed specifically for .22LR by Goliath Brand Tannerite. The cool thing is that it came with ten targets to which were pasted little plastic bags that were easily filled up. Ten targets, for around $33 bucks. Not bad. Not bad at all.

    What was the result? Honestly, I wasn’t expecting all that much. I thought we’d have a glorified firecracker on our hands, to tell the truth. But …. a shot or two later and the first one went off with a very satisfying deep basso continuo BOOM with a very generous cloud of smoke hanging in the still, humid morning air, growing every larger by the second.

    We, nearly at the same time, exclaimed, “Wow! I can’t believe how loud that was.” And, of course, it was on to the next target, then the next and yet another. Each time we had that same satisfying boom and cloud of smoke.

    Too much fun, perhaps, for at the first chance he had, he plunked down another $33 bucks for another ten pack of targets with all the “fixings” for some real Tannerite fun at the fraction of the cost one would pay for “regular” Tannerite, and best of all, it did not require any expensive higher power ammo.

    Take a look at the video and see, and hear, for yourself:

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    In the 50's my brother flew back from M.P. School with 2 gross of M-80's in his carry-on (Wouldn't TSA have a cow about that now) Anyway we would put the M-80's on fenceposts and shoot them with our 22's and even an old 25-35 or 25-20 I can't remember which. If you hit it right KABOOM.

  3. Chainfire

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    If noise is what you are looking for, just shoot a M-44. You don't even have to hit your target, it cost about twenty cents a round and it will wake the dead. :)
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    Tannerite for a .22???? I WANT SOME!! I don't know where I can shoot it but I'll find a place.
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    Sweet video too.. Could you use it on subsonic .22lr?
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    Yeah the 22LR stuff is definitely louder. I wonder why? Anybody on here a chemist?
  7. E7018Dan

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    Less friction needed to start the reaction. Possibly a faster burn = louder boom.
    Ps im not a chemist ;-)
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    Maybe it seems louder because there isn't the noise of a high velocity centerfire bullet.