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    I know I'm fairly new here but thought I'd share my most recent experience. I typically shoot at an outdoor range that is between north Dallas and Fort Worth. Sorry for not getting more specific, I have my reasons.

    I love going to the range. Mostly because I enjoy shooting, but also because I like to observe other shooters. What are they shooting? What is their technique? Are they alone or did they come with others? What kind of range set-up do they have?

    I usually have a plan when I go to the range. I've noticed when I show up prepared my trips go much better. I was going to shoot my newly modified Ruger 10/22 and zero the newly installed red-dot sight. I brought my Beretta Neos for good measure, figuring I had plenty of .22 ammunition. This was the second time I left the Baby Eagle at home. Having never zeroed a sight on my own before, this took awhile to get everything just right. My son and I also tested the new ProMag Archangel 25 round magazine for the 10/22. I have a feeling from the name and style this was to compliment their Archangel Stock. All-in-all, a decent trip but I found some issues with my build out that I'm going to have to correct.

    Interesting observations. Directly next to us at the 25 yard range was someone shooting a Ruger Blackhawk in .357 Magnum. I love these guns and I tried not to stare seeing one in action. If I was ever going to buy a centerfire single-action revolver, these are at the top of my list. I was thinking about this gentleman's excellent taste in firearms when he packed up his Blackhawk and then produced a Walther P22. He had even sprung for the compensated model. Due to his excellent taste in revolvers, I'm going to assume he was just had by Umarex pasting the "Walther" logo on the side and thought he was buying a quality .22.

    A mother and daughter showed up without a clue. Ah, new shooters. I actually love seeing this and especially like seeing women who are learning how to shoot rather than treating guns like some kind of deadly toys for big boys. Honestly, most women I know treat guns like they are somehow unfeminine, which I think is erroneous. Being obviously new, I was extremely curious as to what they brought and correctly predicted a Glock 19. That's not much of a prediction honestly. That's like guessing a college student drives a Toyota Corolla. Interestingly, the pair was eventually joined by what I assume was the Dad and he was the voice of experience. They eventually switched over to the lane next to my son and I. The Dad was sporting a stainless S&W Model 10 and some kind of Taurus pistol. I'm a big fan of the Model 10 for self defense purposes, especially new shooters, but could never recommend spending the money on a stainless steel version. In fact, this was the first time I'd seen one in real life. Give me a break though, every Model 10 I'd seen before were police carry weapons.

    I never fail to see plenty of 1911 derivatives or Glocks on any range trip. I did finally spot a Beretta 92, which is surprisingly oddball. Despite Taurus' spotty reputation, I have noticed at least one of their pistols on every trip no matter how few people are out. I think the Beretta's size and cost work against it, which is why it is so rare. I've known plenty of police officers who have chosen to carry it, but few regular citizens.

    Also, on the range were two other shooters also sporting heavily modified 10/22's. Interesting to see how others have chosen to configure theirs. Between the three of us with 10/22's that day, not a thing was in common aside from the actual gun. Stocks, sights, and even magazines were all radically different.
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    Good observations, thanks for taking the time to post them.

    We have 2 Umarex M4s and use them for tactical run& gun drills on our combat course. Never a problem. But I can't speak for the pistol.

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    Probably should have clarified. Not all Umarex's are created equal. I know that the Walther P22's have had numerous issues according to various owners. Doing a little research when I was looking for a .22 automatic pistol I saw review after review that suggested they were not made with the best quality. They are hardly unique in that regard. However, I've heard nothing but positives about the AR-15 style Umarex's. I couldn't begin to tell you why.

    Anyway, there are plenty of .22 clones of other weapons that are well made but plenty that aren't. Research is definitely everyone's friend. My cynical side thinks most Walther P22's are sold simply based on "Hey, cool looking gun!"

    Appreciate the feedback as well, I'm always tempted to pick up an AR-15 simulator.
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    My wife just bought a Beretta Neos, we had a blast shooting it at the range!
    I brought my S&W 15-22 and shot for hours on the cheap...
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    I love my little Neos. Great gun.