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Wow, it has been too long since I've shot.

Today we were overly ambitious. I needed to zero the scope on a 30-30 Marlin, a red dot on my 10/22 and I wanted to test fire the S&W M22A and Ruger P89 I got back over Christmas. Took my Beretta Neos and Baby Eagle 45 for good measure.

When I went shooting with an ex-Green Beret we didn't take this many guns!

New rule. Four is the max.

Shooting time was too scattered, though plenty of room in the beginning so my son and I could do our usual one person shoots and the other reloads. Having some problems zeroing the scope. I've never really done it and it's been a struggle.

The 10/22 continues to give me trouble. Last time I zeroed the optic I saw the mount was loose. Took everything apart after the trip and fixed it. This time the front screw on the red dot came loose AFTER I got everything zeroed. Argh! Guess it is time for some loc-tite.

The M22A shoots great but had tons of FTE's. Going to try it again with some Mini-mags at a later date. The Ruger P89 did not disappoint and I actually shoot better with it than I used to.

Somebody brought an FN FS2000, which I had just been asking about here. Damn, those things are loud! Not sure how that is possible since it's shooting .223 but my son thought I had fired a few times (he was spotting) when it was the FN.

Saw a Beretta INOX with a compensator, which was pretty sweet. Some other folks had brought a Beretta Storm Carbine and a Beretta 92. Couldn't tell the exact model but it didn't have an underbarrel rail. Maybe an older 92F or M9?

As usual, lots of Taurus pistols, mostly 24/7's. Glocks as usual. Nothing terribly exciting today. .22's were in abundance and there were quite a few classes going on. Didn't see as many shooters, I honestly think people are too busy hoarding ammo right now. The rifle range was dead dead dead today.

Oddly, first time I've been out I didn't see an XD. Someone had a case as we were leaving but I never saw one fired today.
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