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    America, don’t repeat Australia’s gun control mistake


    By Ben-Peter Terpstra

    After the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, media hysteria and bipartisan political support for punishing gun owners increased. As a consequence, our gun laws were tightened.

    We could have all responded like rational human beings and grieved for the deceased (35 in all). Instead, militant anti-gun activists viewed the massacre as an opportunity, and set out to punish freedom.

    Hitler supported gun control. So did Stalin. Still, our activists were bent on portraying the gun-tolerant United States as the real menace. “Australia doesn’t want to end up like the Wild West,” went one common argument.

    Yet, in 2011, I’m compelled to ask: When will we learn from our mistakes and admit we were wrong? And I ask this question because many Australians are victims of violence. In contrast, for criminals and their enablers, “gun control” is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Take Melbourne, Australia’s second most populous city. Between January 16, 1998 and April 19, 2010, 36 criminal figures or partners were murdered during the Melbourne Gangland Killings.

    Alas, family environments, from businesses to parks, were drawn into the mess.

    The passage of gun control laws fueled our illegal arms market, and gun-hungry gangs multiplied. The significance: many gangland deaths/wars involved bullets. The tribal fights exploded after the Port Arthur massacre-inspired gun laws, against mainstream media predictions.

    To concerned Victorians, too, it felt like our criminal class was running the state. The problem though (in Australia at least) is that campaigning newspapers and television networks are never wrong — no matter how many people are killed or threatened by guns, there’s always a “complex” excuse.

    The odd thing about gun control is that a culture of censorship often increases after anti-gun laws fail to deliver. So, it would be hard for an Australian writer to submit a piece on Switzerland’s pro-gun ownership culture and low gun crime rate because our media isn’t “ready” to accept opposing views. Only a “thought control” culture can sustain a “gun control” culture.

    When one punishes law-abiding citizens for the sins of criminals, good intentions will backfire. By criminalizing productive citizens, we have made life easier for criminals, and wasted precious police resources on policing farmers.

    Moreover, Australians were wrong to exchange scare stories about the “Wild West” because few understood that the Old West was not so wild, according to modern historians. And, we’re still too quick to report on massacres in firearm-welcoming America and too reluctant to report on bigger massacres in firearm-restricting Mexico. We’re quick to report on shootouts across the U.S. but unwilling to report on thousands of Americans who were saved by pointing their easy-to-access guns at criminals, a.k.a. would-be thieves, murderers and rapists.

    Also lost in the emotion is the fact that the alleged Arizona killer, Jared Lee Loughner, adored Mein Kampf, by the National Socialist/gun control dictator Adolph Hitler (not More Guns, Less Crime, by John Lott). So, do we need to reward and/or excuse society’s killers?

    At times like these, it’s easy to fall prey to post-massacre opportunists. Still, reason and not emotion is our best guide. The facts (to quote the Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia) are as follows:

    * Between July 1 1997 and 30 June 1999 nine in ten offenders of firearm-related homicide were unlicensed firearm owners.

    * Raw data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reveals that while suicide by firearms is continuing to decrease from a high in the 1980s, suicide by hanging steadily increased throughout the 1990s and increased for three consecutive years after the 1996 buy-back.

    * In the year 2002/2003, over 85% of firearms used to commit murder were unregistered. Recent legislation introduced by all states further strengthened controls on access to legitimate handguns by sporting shooters.

    * The AIC’s ‘Homicide in Australia: 2006-07 National Homicide Monitoring Program annual report’ stated that 93 per cent of firearms involved in homicides had never been registered and were used by unlicensed individuals.

    Gun control is a myth, or rather a mountain of myths sustained by campaigning elites in secure buildings with armed bodyguards: the myth that if law-abiding citizens hand their guns over to the big government to burn, then we will enter a new peace; the myth that if we feel that we are gun controllers, then we are humanitarian citizens even when statistics undermine our self-praising image; and the myth that punishing thousands of farmers and sporting shooters, for the crimes of others, will bring healing. But we (meaning anti-gun Australians) were (and are) wrong.

    Ben-Peter Terpstra is a freelance writer based in regional Victoria, Australia. He has lived and worked in the Northern Territory, Melbourne, Kyoto and London

    America, don’t repeat Australia’s gun control mistake | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment
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    I think this says it.
    Unfortunately, with the anti-gun folks, it seems that the emotional shell can't be breached with logic and real stats and the politicos only seem to be concerned with control and their own personal agendas (also control). The history falls by the wayside, reaching back to arms control and foreign mercenary armies in ancient Rome to the German Putsch.
    May I have permission to reprint and distribute this post?

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    One of the best posts I have seen. Too many people have their heads buried in the sand. It can happen here if we dont stay vigilant and united.
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    Great stuff once again, zhuk. Thanks for posting. I'll be borrowing this for other forums, if that's OK.
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    No worries bkt. I borrowed it myself from shooting.com.au, so the kudos should go to a poster (Wild colonial) there.

    This is something which I find very disturbing - the fact that journalists have self-censored on a universal scale; the only pro-shooting press is the shooting press (and we all know they are highly suspect characters :rolleyes:)

    Orwell would be rolling.
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    Take a moment to step back and take a look at the big picture.

    Those who are anti-gun always serve someone else's agenda without using their own brain. They, in many cases came from an environment of anti-gun hostility which generated the fear of standing up for themselves. Or they possibly came from a home of privilege and real-world isolation. None the less, ignorance breeds ignorance and everyone knows ignorance is bliss. You will also find that Anti-gunners have been told that gun advocates are a bunch redneck-radicals. And they (anti-gunners) really believe it simply because we don't agree with their self-serving, head stuck up a liberals a$$ fuzzy-logic.

    There will always be conflict, and confusion, but there's no excuse for blatant stupidity. Anti-gunners need to stop giving blow-jobs to your liberal leaders and use their own brain for once... IT'LL NEVER HAPPEN.
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    Ignorance is most definately bliss. And in a country where the ordinary person who knows no shooters (ie the vast majority) would most likely only ever see a gun on tv (in the hands of either LEOs or crims, and no one else) how can you really be anything but dumbf*ck ignorant.

    Gun = scary = bad; no one gives it a second thought.

    And that's even without the incessant Green or governmental scaremongering.

    Poster on a local forum put it better than I could:

    "The anti-gun lobby’s stance centers on the misguided idea that with the appropriate amount of social reengineering you can produce a utopia. To paraphrase T.S. Eliot, they dream of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good. At best they’re starry-eyed romantics and at worst they’re malicious dogmatists, as dangerous as anything The Inquisition ever produced."

    Well said.
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    those foolish enough to hammer their guns into plows will plow for those that didn't. History has proven it and is about to prove it again.
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    Interesting post relating to the history via the local forum:

    And so, it unravelled from there. Even easier in a country where the majority were prisoners initially.
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    The innate right everyone has to defend their life, the lives of their family, and the right to defend and retain their property doesn't come from our second amendment. 2A merely acknowledges this right exists.

    People around the world have to decide whether their innate rights matter more than the blathering of their idiot politicians.