Tagua holster

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  1. jimmyp7162

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    I have about a weeks worth of carrying my Ruger SR40c in my new Tagua IWB holster. I have to say, for a $30 leather holster, I'm pretty impressed! Haven't heard a lot about these but I have to admit it seems pretty quality. Any feedback on this brand? Picked up mine on eBay.
  2. Retaks

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    I have one for my XDM and a double mag pouch. The one for the gun is good. Its starting to break in real nice now. The mag pouch on the other hand im not super impressed with. Its too loose at holding the mags. If i fall hard or for some reason need to be upside down they fall out. Im actually on the second mag pouch. The first one i had one of the snap buttons broke after 3 days of use. I emailed Tagua at about 4am. I had a response by 830am asking for my address to send my replacement. I had it within 3 days of emailing them. They didnt ask to send the original back or anything.