Tactical Tomahawks

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    Here's a link to a couple of tomahawks that I made:

    The following is what has been done to the tomahawks to complete their fabrication:
     W1 tool steel bodies that are hand forged.
     The holes are drifted with a tomahawk drift.
     The heads are differentially hardened with clay (like samurai swords). This produces hard edges (for edge retention) with tough bodies (for shock resistance).
     They are heat treated by myself in Evenheat Knife Kilns.
     Water Quenched briefly then immediately submerged in molten salts that are melted and controlled by an EvenHeat Knife Kiln.
     Double Tempered.
     Dye Penetrant checked.
     Tested by destroying concrete blocks and cutting into mild steel (no indications noted).
     Dye Penetrant checked again.
     Polished and etched.
     Sand blasted.
     K-Phos
     Flat Black Gun Kote
     Acraglas epoxy heads on with keeper to maintain head retention and integrity.

    http://s249.photobucket.com/albums/gg205/rbranan/Tactical Tomahawk Pics II/?albumview=slideshow

    Thanks for looking

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    Those look like outstanding work! Very nice! How long have you been doing this sort of work and what else have you made?

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks for the compliment.

    I've had an interest in the warring disciplines all my life and a bladesmith for awhile.

    I've done some damascus stuff, some cable stuff, etc....and also make knives.
    I decided to work with monosteels for their purity and consistancy. They just make sense if one is putting their life on the line.

    Tomahawks appeal to me and I've sought to design a couple that no one else had thought of that were metallugically above what most on the market are. The one that looks "kama like" is meant for hooking techniques along with other more standard techniques.

    The other is kind of nordic/germanic tribes kind of tool meant to be utilized mainly as an impact weapon.

    Each one is a true heirloom and one of a kind made here in the USA, out of American steel, handforged, heat treated, and finshed by me.

    Thanks again for looking


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    Awsome work Robert, Only if i was so talented.
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    Thanks for looking and thanks for the compliment.

    I made a lot of mistakes and had many failures (still do once in a while) before I figured it out.

    Not so much talent as it is hard work and the ability to persevere.

    Thanks again.