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    I'm not sure where to post this at? There is no thread dedicated to the most accurate and best weapon's in the world which are bolt action's. But there is a thread dedicated for .22 centerfire...

    So before I post anything I will ask if this is right place to post this at?

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    Hi Dillinger,

    Before I state what I want I really need to learn some more first as I am really new to the custom world. I will say I learned a powerful lesson on my first build getting raped on a $3,450 build that took 15 months to get.

    Since you asked this is what I have going on and I will list some a few thing's I need some help deciding. The rifle is going to be a .308 build for extended range shooting. I would also like to be able to hunt with the rifle as well.

    This is what I have in the making right now for this build:

    Manner's T4-A
    Surgeon 591 repeater
    Badger bottom metal
    Rock Creek M40 barrel
    PR - Heritage 5-25x56 XR
    McMillan scope ring's
    Timney tactical trigger

    This is what I need:

    Anything I need to accurize the rifle such as bedding
    Reamer's what type and from who
    And lastly a good gunsmith who isn't going to do me wrong

    I appreciate it,