Tactical Mini-30 - Barrel Mystery Solved!

Discussion in 'Mini-14 Forum' started by KMO, Apr 13, 2012.

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    We finally got one of the tactical Mini-30's in the Mo-Rod shop so we could examine it firsthand. Here is what we discovered...The barrel has a very slight taper to it immediately forward of the gas block, where the outside diameter measures .781" (adjacent to gas block). Just 1/2" forward from that point the OD reduces to .761", and remains at that diameter on out to the front sight. So, there is no real discrepancy in the data we were receiving, just a very subtle .020" OD reduction in that first 1/2" of barrel as it extends forward from the gas block. With this now understood, we can certainly produce Mo-Rod clamps to fit this Mini-30 variant. We also know that we will not be producing a Mo-Reaper to fit it, at least not anytime soon. The barrel diameter is so large that it would require a complete redesign of our Mo-Reaper. Since the tactical Mini-30 comes with a Ruger factory flash hider already in place, there may not be much demand for the Mo-Reaper on this particular rifle. But, Mo-Rods for certain! ;)