Tactical light for shotty?

Discussion in 'Firearm Accessories & Gear' started by badeye, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. badeye

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    Id like to put a tactical light on my Winchester 1300 Defender but dont want to sink a ton of money in it. I already have a 6 round sidesaddle installed,it will be mounted in it with a Tac-Star mount. A pressure sensitive swith is a must. Just want some suggestions from some of yall that have experience in this area. Thanks in advance
  2. james_black

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    Go to BotachTactical.com and look for "package deals" they have a nice streamlight Trl-1 flashlight with rail combo for $100. Can't beat that price. 135 lumens LED light. You can buy the pressure switch also for it. Good luck.

  3. supergus

    supergus New Member

    I paid $100 for this tac light setup. It's a Tac Star with pressure switch and it just clamps on to the choke tube. The adhesive backing isn't very strong so I just used a piece of industrial Velcro.
  4. Bigguns911

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    I put a surefire G6 on my M16 using a 1" scope mount and then got a pressure switch. Super, is right The adhesive backing isn't very strong so I used a cut bicycle tire tube and strapped it down. Flashlight, 40-50$, pressure switch for around 30$ and the scope ring was about 15$. It has a good light out put and works good on the rifle. I personally do not like the LED light out put. It is to white for my taste and does not seam to reach out like I want it to. Have fun.
  5. yesicarry

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    sportsmansguide.com.. Laser/flashlight, mount, pressure switchs all for 44.95 w/ free shipping..

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