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  1. TrueNorth

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    To begin, I am not a very tacticool guy, and I certainly don't have a balaclave and nightvision goggles stashed underneath my bed! I have no intention of becoming a mall ninja either!

    With that said, I do realize that most of the tactical gear that we see was designed with a purpose. The average person probably will never encounter situations requiring that gear, and if they do - they probably don't have the skills/training to survive it even if they did. But some of the gear that I see has a more generic and basic nature - things like shell holders, gunlights on rails etc.

    So to the meat of the post where you come in! What do you guys think of tactical gear, and what gear (either general types, or specific items with brands) do you you recommend, or prioritize.

    From a functional average person/likely to need it standpoint. Please don't advocate biohazard suits or throwing stars (unless you think its necessary!)
  2. BioInclined

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    For what use? HD, SHTF, Military or fun? Those to me decide what you should prioritize and the best choices for effectiveness.
    HD to me is...depending on gun,
    attached flashlight - extended mag/clip or side saddle for shells - front grip
    Vest for ammo - flashlight - ext. mag/clips/side saddle - front grip - a scope of sorts
    once again pending the gun.

    Not really sure what else would be worth the time.

  3. TrueNorth

    TrueNorth New Member

    You're on the right track of what I was thinking. HD, SHTF, or general hunting/shooting use. Not stuff just for fun's sake. Ammo vests make sense, the scopes and lights I get too.

    I just picked up a slide-on shell holder for the butt of my shotty. It's always useful to be able to carry ammo that is accessible!
  4. unclebear

    unclebear New Member

    just me heres what I carry
    12 gauge shell bandoleer
    kevlar vest with pistol mags
    drop leg holster,
    a back pack full of general supplies
    and a quick access knife

    general camping, shooting, and hiking stuff
    weapons Rem 870 express 12 guage, and Browning High Power 9mm
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  5. Jimmy

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    Guess I can't come up with anything in particular, but I see tac gear in a different light. Wait I can too. My BOBs are made up from tacitcal shoulder bags, which for me are exactly what I needed. Light, strong and handy.

    You are correct about the abilities, training and physical. But as far as really needing it, sure why not? A lot of the gear you see was designed to make things easier, lighter, more efficent. Seals have the ability to develop their own gear. They do it to make it where they can stay warm longer. Stay hid longer. Carry more equitment easier. So I just see most tac stuff as just evolution. Just like anything else in life. I know sounds too simply. Guess that's just me.

  6. Ploofy

    Ploofy New Member

    Fighting knives. For fun, SHTF, and military.

    Edit: I'm going to go ahead and put the emphasis on Trench Knives and Karambits.
  7. TLuker

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    I'm getting more into the tactical gear, but like you I'm not a die hard tactical guy. I recently picked up a light patrol MOLLE pack. It's my BOB, general use, hiking/camping backpack. I keep a backpack handy anyway, and the MOLLE system lets me keep a pack handy that I can add stuff to as needed such as a canteen or first aid kit. I also picked up a sleeping bag with a compression bag. I always keep a sleeping bag in my truck for emergencies anyway. Now I can attach it to my back pack if I want to. It's not that I'm going to do a lot of hiking with my pack and sleeping bag attached to it. But I always kept both anyway so why not be able to attach them for those occasions when I do go hiking/camping? It's also nice to be able to attach the two for a bug out situation. The light patrol pack is also just that "light". It's not going to carry a heavy load comfortably because it rides high on the back, but that's in part why I wanted it. It works great with the fanny pack that I always used for hunting. I can carry a lot of stuff comfortably between the two packs. I can also just drop the back pack at camp and keep the fanny back with me while hunting.

    I like the flexibility you get with some of the tactical stuff and that's why I'm slowly going in that direction. I don't have any guns with a rail, but that would be a nice feature. I don't particularly need to attach a flash light to a gun, but I always have a flash light and a gun so why not have the ability to attach the flashlight just in case I ever did have a need? I guess in general I'm just trying to use the tactical stuff to help make better use of the stuff I already have and use?
  8. goretro77

    goretro77 New Member

    Lights mounted on firearms, knives, good holsters and good rugged clothing for rough weather.
  9. trip286

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    for SHTF, ammo carriers, speed reloaders for the revolver guys, extra mags for semi guys. bivouac gear and something to carry it all. Tacticool pants for the cargo pockets, heck put pockets on everything!! I like milsurp packs, because it's what I'm used to.

    If SHTF situation turns into a daily combat zone scenario, then helmets and body armor are a good thing to have, but discretion can be the better part of valor.

    I do have a balaclava, in fact I have that in multiples, because they're warm. I do not have NVG'S, as they are pricey, I intend to avoid night combat ops, and have good night vision for navigational purposes.

    In SHTF I think it will be more of a survival issue rather than a combat issue. But of course there will be some things that may have to be taken care of in a tactical manner.