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    We're setting up tactical shotgun matches at a local gun club, and we have a pretty good layout that's good for beginners. But we would like to get some ideas for more challenging courses. Right now, it's shotgun only and range should be well within 100 yards (the farthest target in our course is about 40 yards at the moment).

    Later on, we will be doing tactical rifle matches and we'll have a 200 yard limit to work with.

    Ideas for barriers, pieing an area, targets at multiple heights, hostage scenarios, even moving targets...all ideas and layout plans are welcome.

    Thanks, guys.

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    How about students progress to shooting on the move, mock set up of multiple door entry ways where the student needs to control shotgun maneuverability and move around corners to clear rooms. Maybe some spring loaded targets recessed back into room or away from doorway to pop up for students to react, access and fire.


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    I assume this is outdoor? So you can't do staged lighting ( low light, bright light, disco bulb effects) ? Those are always good scenarios to train with.

    The course at Valhalla ( before it closed down *tear* ) was awesome. They had barricades you had to move to, targets at different heights, doors you could actually kick open and clear a room, hostage scenarios, lighting scenarios, a fog machine, pop up targets - all sorts of stuff.

    Movement through cooridors should definitely be taught, as well as not to "sweep" any other person with your weapon.

    Is it one at a time? Or are you doing team training?

    Ballons are cheap and they blow with the breeze to simulate movement - always a favorite because they are a reactionary target.

    Definitely should have some crouch positions, like a couple of 55 gallon drums to "hide" behind and practice shooting from a kneeling position. Including a tactical reload while in an uncomfortable position would be good as well.

    Do you have any pavement on the range. A cop buddy of mine taught me a hell of a trick with "skipping" shot under a car from about 20 to 30 feet. Works great if a guy is taking cover behind a car and using the roof to steady his aim.

    Doesn't do the car any good, but you could build a mock up and have a plywood and steel plate bottom & you don't have to worry about the movie style explosion. :cool:

    Interesting BKT - I would love to see some pictures when you guys are done!!

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    I do a rifle/pistol match here, and have shot a variety of "tactical" matches in Arizona.

    IMHO, one of these is necessary:
    You can find plans for it in Green Eyes, Black Rifles.

    For more ideas, you can modify many IPSC/IDPA courses of fire.

    And in the July issue of SWAT magazine, there was a good article about setting up a "tactical" rifle match.
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    Thanks, folks. This is food for thought. Valhalla sounds friggin' awesome!

    Students are shooting on the move, they are clearing "rooms", and it tests right-handed and left-handed shooters equally. (First part is slugs only. First target is 40 yards out from the starting square. Then move to one of two partitions to the left or right (shooter chooses which to hide behind first). Pie around the barrier and take out two targets. Move to the other barrier, pie and take out two other targets.)

    Maneuvering corridors sounds like a really good idea, provided we keep the angle of fire limited. We haven't done teams yet -- it's one at a time because there are a lot of relative newbies -- but we will be working in two and three man teams.

    Balloons are a great idea. We were thinking "hit the two blue balloons but not the pink balloon" and all three are tied to the same nail for our tac rifle match. We could do a balloon anchored at ground level on a six-foot string for shotgun -- that would be great!

    We do have multiple level positions: prone, crouch, hunched over, standing.

    We're doing a tactical reload on the second part of the course: fire four #8 (or whatever) rounds at four clays resting on 4' stakes about 20 yards out. Run to another position while reloading and take out five other clays at differing heights firing behind a "stair step" barrier also about 20 yards out. Then run to a barrel while reloading with one slug and hit a milk jug filled with water about 20 yards out.

    Thanks, ranger_sxt for the suggestions -- I'll check that stuff out.