TAC-15 Crossbow

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    We have discussed this before, but with SHOT coming up, I thought I would throw out a couple of VERY impressive videos I found in doing some research on the crossbow subject prior to next month. :cool:


    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDQthc4jap4&feature=related"]YouTube - PSE TAC-15 100 Yard Test[/ame]

    Now, I can hear all the questions. Why? What would you use it for? What a waste of money.

    Let me pose this to you on the other side of the coin.

    You have an AR-15 lower. A lot of folks here do. Everyone has lately been looking for a big bore, short range, animal slayer they can slap on their custom lower and have a different application model.

    Why not have the ability to go the other way? A 5.56mm, a .458 Socom, perhaps a .22LR conversion for light game, and then a crossbow upper for "other" applications??

    Can you show me a crossbow that can do what this one can do, and not have to be a COMPLETE additional rifle to carry?

    With the TAC-15 I can pull that upper and slap it on my backpack at less than seven pounds.

    Your thoughts gentlemen?
  2. CA357

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    Does it have a cup holder? :p

    Crossbows have always fascinated me, but reloading them quickly seems to be an issue. That's what's kept me from buying one.
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  3. Yunus

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    Is a dedicated crossbow larger than the TAC-15? If so by how much? I don't know brands in crossbows so I don't have the knowledge to make the comparison but it seems like this unit does not really save space.
  4. Dillinger

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    I agree, but I am not thinking of this from an multiple hire rate of fire application. I am thinking this is one and done with meat on the table sort of thing.

    Larger? I don't know? :eek:

    But it's a unit that can be pulled and attached to a MOLLE system on your BOB and you have a much smaller unit than slinging a full rifle.

    You stack your SHTF upper and you begin your travels.

    You come across some tracks of some four legged food, but instead of wanting to give your position away, you pause and pull your backpack. Two pins, you pull your stock upper and you snap in the TAC15 and you do a stalk.

    Zap! 425 grain broadhead coming in at 390-400fps to drop some meat without making a sound. :)

    I know the crossbow isn't for everyone, or most applications, I am just saying..... What if? :cool:
  5. Shihan

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    Why don't you get one and test it out, give the report then hold a giveaway?:D
  6. CA357

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    Yeah! Let's see how it does on a frozen pig head! ;)
  7. NitroxAZ

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    Attention Whore:eek: Just kidding brother. Couldn't resist the temptation:D

    That thing looks pretty sweet for the right application.
  8. Txhillbilly

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    I have looked really hard and long at the Tac-15 setup.While it is a great crossbow,and does have a bunch of positive things in it's favor,it also has a bunch of negatives.
    1.It is a very big crossbow,quite a bit longer than your average crossbow and also pretty heavy to tote around.
    2.Cost WAY TOO MUCH! The best crossbows on the market only run about a $1000,and they come with just about everything you need to take it out of the box,and go hunting.
    You will have around $2000 in a complete Tac-15 to have everything you need to go hunting.
    3.You have to use only PSE arrows(not bolts),they're 26" long for this crossbow.They also cost around $100 for a half dozen,more than double the best regular crossbow bolts.

    I almost jumped in and bought a Tac-15 when I first saw it,but after the Cool-I Gotta Get One wore off and I did some research,I changed my mind and I'm planning on getting a Horton Vision 175 crossbow.To me,it's a better crossbow,and also a lot more practical.

    The Tac-15 is a great crossbow,and if they would price it for about half of what they want for them,then they might sell more of them to hunters.
    You also need to check with your states laws on crossbows.Some have limits on the feet per second,and this is why they also came out with the Tac-10,it's a slower crossbow-around 365fps.