T/C contender forearm?????

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    Hi Friends,
    Just bought a 22 mag. barrel for my T/C Contender 10" (old style) pistol without a forearm. I have a 218 Bee 10" barrel with a forearm but the screw doesn't match up with the new barrel. The 218 Bee is a octagon barrel and the new one is round and seems to be heavier than the 218 Bee. What should I look for in trying to buy a forearm for the new barrel.
    Thanks, Bernie
  2. stalkingbear

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    You'll have to get the older style forearm. The best way to make SURE it's the correct 1 is to go to a gunshow with your contender and try fit it before you buy it. I don't remember the spacing (distance) of the screw offhand but I'm sure somebody will be along to help you more.

  3. masterPsmith

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    My old style 10" .22mag octagon and 10" .357mag octagon both measure 3 15/16" from the breach to center of hole. The 10" bull barrels with a single mounting screw measures at 3 9/16" from the breach to center of screw hole.

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    Sounds like Master is right on with the bull barrel or even a standard round barrel they are a 1/4" further back. Also determine if it is a bull barrel or a standard as the fit to the barrel will have a gap if you have a standard barrel and a bull forearm and if you have a bull barrel and a standard barrel the forearm won't seat at all.