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The Syracuse show is fun but be prepared for very long lines at the entrance and a jam packed...elbow to elbow...floor. You won't find any semi-automatics as they are now banned. You won't find any mags either once the "born on" date passes.
There is tons of old military weapons, parts, memorabilia, etc. Lots of casings, ammo, etc. though with the ammo hysteria going on who knows what will be offered and at what prices.
Many vendors selling all manner of hunting, shooting gear. Lots of prepping stuff. A decent amount of knife makers and sellers though a lot of cheap, junk knives.

Interesting people dressed up in western garb looking like they just came in from the range wars. People wandering around with signs around their necks selling everything but themselves...perhaps one or two selling themselves???...People walking around with signs sticking out of their rifle barrels advertising them for sale.

The bad...people pushing and shoving at the ammo/gun tables...practically yelling over each other to get the sales persons attention to handle a weapon, etc. Long waits to buy guns at the more popular tables though I suspect that will not happen this year with the NYSafe act in place. Hard to spend any time looking at anything because there are so many people you are just pushed along like a bottle on the ocean...going with the flow.
Very difficult to talk to sellers or ask questions...just too many people all talking at once. Better know what you want and about what you want.

It's an interesting show and not too expensive. If I go this year it will be just for the show.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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