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Both wood and synthetic stocks obviously have benefits. I personally favor wood because the stock dimensions of wood stocks can be altered to fit the size and shape of the person shooting it.

Stock fitting, the topic that involves stock dimensions and how well they fit various-sized shooters, is just now beginning to interest those who use their guns for hunting only. Hunters are beginning to suspect that how well their guns fit them affects how well they are able to shoot them.

If you want to ever shoot up to your full potential, your gun mount and shooting posture must be ones that allow the most accurate shooting. Without rewriting my book, Stock Fitting Secrets, here are a few considerations:

The length of the stock affects where your cheek is placed on a field stock with a rising comb (top surface.) So does where you place the butt on your shoulder.

The distance of the comb below the barrel or rib affects the height of your eye relative to the barrel or rib. This is important because the eye serves as the rear sight on a shotgun, the same as does the rear sight on a rifle. Unless it is in the right place and stays there during swings to targets, shooting accuracy will suffer badly.

These things can be changed on a wood stock. For all practical purposes, they cannot be changed on a synthetic stock.

Please place no value on what you see other hunters doing in the field. As I mentioned, this segment of the shooting population is just beginning to realize that their shooting success if closely tied to how well their guns fit.

Rollin Oswald
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