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  1. mattybock

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    I have it in mind to build a really fancy sxs, like the kind that cost too dang much from Engy-land. My dad deserves one.
    But here is my problem - the receiver.
    Is a boxlock or a sidelock easier to make, or might it all be a matter of opinion?

    So, for either of the receivers, what steel is used? Is it milled from stock or is it common to forge it with a trip hammer/press/machine stamp/gizmo?

    And free resources would be much appreciated.
  2. SSGN_Doc

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    I'd be really interested in knowing myself. Beretta has been making shotguns longer than any continuously running company in the world. There are definitely some serious considerations when making a double barrel and having two barrels "look" at generally the same spot.

    You must have some gun building experience and machining and welding experience. Barrel makers hire some pretty experienced people for ensuring and adjusting the trueness of barrels. So there is deifinitely a lot of art to it too.

    Sounds like an ambitious project. If you can post info as you go I think we all could learn a lot.

  3. Virginian

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    I am pretty sure the good ones use machined forgings. Ruger used investment casting - their claim to fame across the board.
    What would your Dad be using it for? Be advised the English "game guns" are not designed for heavy loads. That's where the American style doubles like the Winchester 21 come into play. In either case workmanship and balance play a huge part, and engraving is frosting on the cake.
    I do not think you need to know how to weld, but silver soldering would be good, even though many very good guns have been built using soft soldering. If you use a monobloc for the barrels it should be easier than other set ups I would think.
    For an English style, my advice would be to buy a decent Spanish gun, copy it with first class materials and workmanship, and then sell it. For an American style, a Winchester 23, Browning BSS, older Fox Sterlingworth, or Parker should do. If you come up with a way to make a REALLY good one, in 12 gauge with 3" chambers, with a longer water table like the Winchester 21, and sell it for less than $5000 in quantity, you could get rich.
    I wish you luck.
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  4. cottontop

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    The box lock is much more simple, is stronger, and less prone to malfunctions.
  5. oli700

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    Very nice ! I am interested in this too. I made rifle barrels for 6 years at Rogue Rifle and love to see people’s projects. Here is a Chipmunk I made my dad in 22 yeah I know what you mean about your Dad, Good Luck !
  6. Axxe55

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    Oli, that is a very good looking rifle nad i like the octagon barrel. what kind of wood is the stock?
  7. oli700

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    thank you , It is American Walnut, they came to us in blanks. I didn’t do the stock but it was hand fluted, hand checkered, bedded and oil rubbed in our shop. The octagon barrel took 1000 lunch times to make lol. Basic shape and taper on a Bridgeport end mill and then hand filed for I don’t know how many hours to get it there.