Swiss K31

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    Here's my newest C&R pick up. Got it from AIM Surplus they had a small batch of K31's last week. I missed out in the walnut stocked ones but got a 1948 beech wood stocked K31. Bore is bright and shiny (like all of them).

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    Congrats! I got the email from AIM Friday night and they were sold out on Saturday morning. I'm hoping to pick one up sometime soon. They're some of the best milsurps in accuracy and craftsmanship. Have fun with it and stock up on Swiss ammo while it's still available and cheap!

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    These are very accurate Milsurp rifles. The butts are usually rough finish wear rust etc. When the troops bivouac they slammed the butts into the snow.
    This K-31 has the St. Marie scope mount and cheek pad. I shoot the 600 and 1,000 meter gongs with this old war horse. :)

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    K31 is an awesome rifle. I had a St. Marie mount, but found the Rifle was as accurate within the distances I shoot w/ Irons. Sold the mount and scope as a package. The reason they have "beaver chew" is because the butt stuck out of the pack they used. When the soldier sat down, rested, in the snow, mud, brush it would go. I'm sure stacking in camp added. They were rode hard, but always maintained very well. The only one I kept is a 1952 beech stock. They all shot well, but the keeper is exceptional. Still have 5 60 round packs GP11, 20 piece norma brass, 200 piece Graf brass. Mine really likes 165gr Combined technology SPBT Moly bullets. Bought a bunch on close out some years ago.