Sweeney Recall Petition

Discussion in 'New Jersey Gun Forum' started by Jpyle, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Jpyle

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    NJ Senate President has turned his back on the 1 million plus gun owners in the state and now supports a ban on magazine capacity above 10 rounds after assuring us he would never support such legislation. If you are sick and tired of the unending infringement of your 2A rights by the thugs in Trenton make you voice heard and sign the petition. Although this is just a straw poll at this point we need to get Sweeney's attention...NJ law does not allow an official recall until 1 year of Sweeney's current term has passed.


  2. seamuskrat

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    Support. It's passed. Close to getting to Christie. Who in his weakened state may just sign it to ease tensions with the Dems.

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