SWAT Rodeo 2011

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    Mil Spec Depot is proud to be a sponsor of SWAT Rodeo 2011 - the Pacific Northwest's premier two-gun shooting competition organized by USTACRA.

    This year is expected to be the biggest and best competition yet with up to 150 shooters and will be held on July 7th & 8th at Custer Sportsmans Club in Custer, WA

    The competition will include:

    Two days of pure tactical "2 gun" shooting for Law Enforcement, PSec and Military
    Ten new complex CQB shooting stages
    Every stage ends with a hostage rescue scenario
    Competitors will compete in “full kit”
    Shooters will utilize both primary (rifle/carbine/SBR) and secondary (pistol) weapon Systems
    There will be a stage where the competitors have to shoot while wearing their gas mask

    For more information or to sign up, click on: USTACRA: Welcome to the United States Tactical Rifle Association