Swapping out my ambi safety

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by DoyleTheDog, Jun 26, 2013.

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    Looking to swap my ambi safety for a standard one. I know it's not really a drop-in part so I'll most likely have a gunsmith do it. Just wanting to know if the thumb safety was all I needed to buy or if I need to purchase other parts as well.
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    You can do it if you are cautious and do not loos the Safety Detent Spring and Safety Detent. I would recommend taking the upper off the lower. Be sure the Hammer is in the *Forward Fire position and the Safety Selector is OFF Safe! There are two types of Ambi Safeties. One has a screw on the opposite side safety selector lever and the other type has a small screw down in the middle of your Receiver on the Safety Selector Shaft. Either type you simply remove the screw and take the opposite side safety lever off the rifle.
    Then either turn the Receiver upside down or lay it sideways on a table laying it on a towel which is the best way to catch any falling parts should they fall out. Take a 13/16 Hex Tool and Back out the Pistol Grip Screw slowly and locate the spring in the Pistol Grip before removing the grip totaly from the rifle so you can catch it. Be careful at this point not to loose the Safety Detent that is still up in the hole. Remove the Safety Detent and then simply remove the Safety Lever. To put the standard one in first insert the Safety Selector Lever "Left to Right" into the Receiver with it in the upright position, then turn it upside down and insert the Point of the Safety Selector Detent first back in the hole. (Flat side of the Safety Selector Detent will be facing out for contact with the Spring. Then put the spring in the Pistol Grip and while holding the spring place it on top of the Safety Detent in the Receiver. Be cautions not to damage the spring while pushing the Pistol Grip into place. Turn the Grip Screw Counter Clockwise to start with to make sure the threads are liged up so you do not cross tread it. You will hear a little click as the threads align. Then Tighten the Pistol Grip Screw and you have completed the task. If you need additional instruction go on the Internet and type in installing the AR-15 Pistol Grip and Safety.
    Let us know if we can be of any assistance but it is not a hard task! Just take your time! You can do it!

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    Those sound like great instructions, Sniper.

    I was referring to my Colt 1911 though.
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    If you order a Colt part there should be minimal fitting required.

    I don't know how experienced you are on the 1911.

    If you are well versed and can strip it down to the frame and back again, then you should not have a problem.
    Check out the stickies here in the forum and youtube.