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    I recently picked up a SVT 40. I cleaned it well prior to first use, although it seems to have been well maintained. Bore pretty decent overall. The first 20 or so rounds functioned flawlessly but as it got warm I had trouble with incomlete extraction of the spent round until the last 2 or 3 wouldn't even unlock. The last round, I had to wait until it cooled to use a soft mallet to extract the spent case. Its not like I was blasting away superfast, but it seemed related to the temperature.

    The extracted cases showed the striations on the neck from the fluting but but no deformity or ruptures. I was using czech silver tip surplus. I cleaned it throughly again at home but I think this may be a gas pressure problem with insuffiecient pressure to extract a hot, expanded case.

    Does this sound right? Any thoughts? I don't have a lot of experience with the SVT; I know the gas valve can be adjusted but I'm not sure which way does what on the valve.



    Hello all


    My area of work, has mostly been in the SKS/AK Family! I don't have a lot of SVT-40 experience to fal back on to be honest! BUT, that being said, I don't see Gas adjust as being your Problem? Sounds to me, Like you have either a Dirty or Fouled Chamber, Remember the Russians Love the Cosmiline and even a thin layer will make shells hard to extract once it gets warm? I'd use a Chamber Brush and a Lot of Hot Water as well as the Old Military Cleaning Solven with a cordless drill and see if you can clean a hard to see thin layer of cosmoline or crud out of the chamber? Next, I'd try different amo and if it still keeps happening I'd look at a Weak Extractor spring or worn extractor? Might look OK but not grabbing as good as it should? A Semi can be picky about that, more so than a Bolt any day? If you do thesee things, I bet you get her up and running? let us know, so we can all learn by your experience? OK?

    RON L

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    Balky Tokarev


    I've been doin battle with C & R's since 1964 and generally the simplest answer to a problem is frequently the solution. Consider one other variable is possible. When I had my SVT-40 it was the era of $32/M ammo, copper wash Finn surplus ammo to go with an $89.00 Fin gun I got a case of outa St. Albans Vt from a small classified in SGN. With copper wash it functioned flawlessly and took out my left ear with the muzzle brake :>(

    NOW the ammo is more likely steel cased and lacquer coated which, as you say, when the rifle heats up, it starts getting "jiggy" widda stuff already in the chamber.

    Adding to what Ron says, I would try good ole aerosol brake cleaner and then a chamber brushing followed with a standard cleaning using Ed's Red, which contains acetone and lanolin to protect from rust

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    If you don't mind my asking, where did you come by the weapon? I've had a desire for one for some time - especially since I load the 7.62x54R.

    To your original issue - did the chamber cleaning suggestion help? Be sure to clean the op-rod travelway also, as the old corrosive ammo leaves a helluva lot of crap all over the place.

    Just my 2¢ worth...

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    my m44 tends to get a bit sticky after about 40 to 50 rounds of the czech due to the lacquire, my favorite it the polish copper wash, cycles fine no matter how hot it gets..
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    One thing not to do is crank up the gas, in order to overcome the fouled chamber. That is the recipe for having a case head separate, leaving you with a case stuck in the chamber. A good cleaning with brake cleaner or other similar solvent should do the trick. Once you've done that, turn the gas down to 1.2 and work back up until it functions reliably with your ammo.