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    hi, i need to know what kinda batteries i should use for the svd pso1 and the jjj scopes and are they easily available in the market?
    thank you
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    Don't know if you already have a scope? This one says it comes with an adapter so you can use a single, standard AA battery.

    PSO-1 Sniper Rifle Scope with SVD side-rail mount

    Looks like the jjj takes a 3v (Aim point) style or two 1.5v A76 watch batteries, scroll 1/2 way down.

    Dragunov dot net - Chinese NDM-86 Rifle Scope

    My Russian Kobra red dots take the 3v CR2325 batt, kinda hard to find, but the local drug store has a large selection and carries them. As a last resort you can always try Kalinka. Kinda pricey but I've had good service from them over the years.

    Batteries & Bulbs - Optic Accessories

    Good luck with your project, Ken -PS- Welcome to the forum!!!!
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