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    I'm interested in any info you guys have about uses for a survival knife, beyond the obvious.

    I'm talking about real utilitarian stuff: crafting tools, shelter and clothing.

    I've got a fair amount of training in how to fight with a knife, and a crude understanding of some survival skills, like using the knife to scrape the fibers under tree bark, then using the fiber to affix the blade to a stick, for a spear. But I'm seeking some expert knowledge, maybe some of you guys that have done SERE training, or some of you woodsmen out there, would be able to weigh in on this.

    So if some of you have a few really clever tricks that you know of, please post in here.

    I'd also be open to suggestions on good books related to this subject.


    Survival Tricks

    Hello all


    Well, to start, a survival knife is Just one Option and part of the Kit that we issued to Most of ther SERE Classmenbers! THe obvios uses of Fire starting, Cutting Twigs, Gutting Fish, Game and other food edibles!

    These were used to cut limbs for a shelter, dig a trench for a a latrine, defend ones self if necessry! Never lashed to a Pole, they did sharpen a pint so it could be fire hardened to use as a speer or pike! I've seen them used to cut snow blocks, though a longer blade machette was better suited?

    I've seen Splinters cut out, saw one fellow Lance a boil, with one, though not all that happy of that result? Most of the K-bar and Air Force knives issued out in the course,. if not belonging to a Member were kept a s a reminder of how rough SURVIVAL can be? Seen Boats fasoned out of Bamboo lashed together and more! I've seen a skilled fighter 'Simulate" taking out of a Hostile SERE INSTRUCTOR and that got them an SKS Rifle and a lot of ammo and rations? The sky is the limit of what that Knife can do for you, especially when he or she had little use?

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    One of the most obvious uses of a knife is the building of other tools. A bow and arrows, fish traps, snares, deadfalls, etc.....Visit your local bookstore and browse the sports section. SAS Manual, Primative Archer Magazine and many other titles are available.
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    Some of the stuff we see in survival films and the like are not actually wise moves. Tying your knife to a "pole" and using if to spear fish in murky/moving water is... stupid. Never risk losing your best tool in a low percentage endeavor like spearfishing. Also, don't ruin your knife's edge by scraping it along flits or magnesium to start fires. Use the back of the blade or near the hilt if you must.
    As for tricks and tools you can build the options are endless. I have been on trips where guys have built shoe racks to store boots (upside down) outside their tents. Racks to hang backpacks or to dry clothing and sleeping after big rains, small skewers with which to cook small game over a fire, etc. You are only limited by your imagination. Plus, if we're talking a real survival situation you will have lots of time to practice!!
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    For raw, out-and-out survival, I highly recommend a high quality multi-tool with a knife blade.
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    Tricks with Knives

    I guess my opinion is a knife is designed with only one real purpose in mind, to cut. To lash a knife to a pole in not very smart, nor is to throw one. It comes to mind, "use the proper tool for the job." Therefore, since a knife is designed to cut, you can use it effectively to cut things and not much else. Safety comes to mind as well. Out in the bush, during a survival situation is not the best time to try to treat a serious knife injury and that's exactly what can happen if a knife is used to do a job it's not designed to do.

    The knife I carry is 440C, has a short blade, and weighs very little. I have found I can do anything, just about, with my knife that some guys can do with the "Action Movie" knifes. I've skinned bear, moose, elk, caribou, and deer with it, and found it's easier to control, for me at least, than a large knife blade.

    I suggest you use the knife for it's primary purpose, to cut. It's useful in preparing snares, building a shelter, cuting and gutting game, and countless other tasks.

    All of the multi-uses you see of a knife in the movies, I think, should stay in Hollywood. As search and rescue records show, it is very rare you'll even need your knife much to cut with, since most rescues happen with 48 hours of the start of the emergency. But, I have to admit, I always carry one in the bush and always will. It's my life assurance policy.
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    A knife is the most basic of all tools. As mentioned do your research. Snairs, booby traps using limbs and branchs and strings, ropes and other scavanged stuff will go a long way.
    Use your imagination and try stuff in your backyard. Dont worry about what your neighbors think, you are working on absolute survival..
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    I suppose a dead 3 year old thread is not one of the most basic tools needed, tho. :rolleyes:
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