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  1. Dude

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    anyone here keep a surival kit or surival box?

    i would really like to see lists of what all you have included in it.
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    yea one round for me for when the chinese invade and i've dropped an entire bn and have run out of ammo and they are coming at me in waves and no one else is doing anything because apparently they are either democrats or liberals, lol. oh, and a band aid, in case i miss. lol.
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  3. allmons

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    I keep "bug out bags" ready for home and each vehicle

    These are my primary survival units, but we have plans and supplies for major disasters also.

    Of course, safe water and food supply, heavy duty medical kit ( my better half and I work in healthcare ) and weapons / ammunition / supplies for security.
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    M'kay, you asked. This assumes you're going to be out of your home living outdoors in a wooded area for up to two or maybe three weeks (I live in a fairly rural upstate New York). This won't necessarily keep you alive past that point and it's probably inappropriate for those living in an urban environment or those living in elsewhere in the world.

    Bug out bag recommendations:

    Seasonal/Clothing & Misc – separate bag
    - Summer
    - - Sunscreen
    - - Bug spray and/or wipes – 100% Deet

    - Winter
    - - Balaclava
    - - Gloves
    - - Snow pants
    - - Space blanket (mylar)
    - - Boots

    - Spring/Fall
    - - Jacket
    - - Hat
    - - Gloves

    Primary Bag

    - Folding saw for cutting firewood
    - Waterproof matches
    - Lighter
    - Dryer lint or similar
    - Sharp non-serrated knife
    - Knife sharpener

    - Water purifier/pump or water purification tablets or drops
    - Portable grate
    - Cooking pan
    - Bowl to collect/boil water
    - Granola and/or Energy bars
    - Jerky
    - Instant coffee
    - Sweetener (a dozen packs don't weigh too much)

    - Soap - several bars
    - Toothpaste/floss/toothbrushes
    - Deodorant
    - Nail trimmers & Scissors
    - Razor & blades

    - Waterproof tarp x2 with gromets (1 for ground, one for makeshift tent)
    - Ground pad (closed cell)
    - Rope
    - Heavy string
    - Poncho/Sweatshirt w/ hood
    - Heavy work gloves

    - Maps
    - Compass
    - GPS + extra batteries

    First Aid:
    - Bandaids
    - Neosporin
    - Honey (food source and nature's Neosporin - nothing can grow in honey)
    - Diapers
    - Panty liners (stop laughing. They're absorbent and make good bandages.)
    - Advil/aspirin
    - Tape

    - Resealable baggies
    - Multitool
    - Radio (Crank generator type)
    - Flashlights (LED and Xenon)
    - Spare batteries
    - Camp mirror
    - Decks of cards
    - A few large trash bags
    - Duct tape
    - Flask of scotch/vodka/whatever

    Battle bag

    - Rifle on sling
    - Extra mags (half dozen at least) loaded
    - ~200-300 additional rounds
    - Bore snake or some means to clean/oil your rifle
    - Pistol/mags/rounds if possible

    I have a family and much of this would be carried by several people. Little things like a deck of cards or a portable game or two will do wonders to keep kids' minds off of the situation. Little creature comforts like instant coffee or tea bags w/ sweetener and non-dairy creamer will help adults.
  5. Pointman

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    And a good working knowledge of how to use each of the item in your survival kit and an understanding of its limitations - you don't want to be learning what's what when the proverbial is hitting the fan.


    Kit Contents?

    Hello all

    Ron Here + SERESURPLUS, I see Kits as a layered Item! I have Different ones that I use on a daily Basis, I have one in the Van, One at Home, a smaller one that I can carry over the shoulder and more!

    Most of my Kits of Course contain the Obvious, I like one that has a Canteen, No matter what Size, a small Folding Knife or Multi-tool, a Bottle of Water Pure tabs, a Lenght of Para Cord, some High Energy bars, some Soup Packets, Waterproof Brit Lifeboat matches, a small set of Byno's, SAS Reference Book, a Zippo Lighter and a Butane Lighter! In my Larger Kits I include a NON Folding Sheath Knife with a set of Sharping stone, Mylar Sleeping Bag cover, Tarp, Fighing Line, Sinkers and Hooks, Signal Mirror (Can Shave with that as well) Small Clean up kit with Tooth Paste, Soap, Shampoo and More. Most Kits have a set of T-Shirt, U/ware, Shorts or Lite Pants Change of Clothing! Most Kits Include one Pistol with Spare Magazines and Box ammo, Van Kit Includes a Folding Rifle, I now onw an AR-7, But have Had the pasoose that was mentioned in another thred! Small soap Box of 22 Shells Mixes Hollow Points and Solids! Mess Kit, Utincils, Most are about like that, some are smaller in size, the one I carry into work is in a Fanny Back and a Lot smaller, as is the Handgun in it?

    This is mine, I don't claim it to be all I need, just what I have Tried and found to work? How about your Idea's this is never a done deal, but a work in Progress?
  7. rats

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    I began taking Survival Skills serious the first trip I made to Florida for Hurricane
    Disaster Relief. I was serving in a Feeding Crew so we were in and sitting up at first light.
    I saw a lot of people who were at our mercy for food. No power; roads blocked by downed
    trees & power lines for miles.
    My myth of a country boy surviving on wild game & his wits was crushed.
    I hadn't butchered a hog or used a smoke house since I was in my teens.

    At the time the basic recommendation was 72 hr's of water, food, fuel, & shelter.
    Now with Avian Influenza (bird flu) Pandemic it is 2 weeks minimum.
    I understand Mormons teach 6 months of Preparedness for independent living.

    According to my intel; the Regional Disaster Planners are focusing on Pandemic Flu. If
    for no other reason than that they can see it's coming more clearly than the dirty bomb.
    Historically we are overdrew for a Pandemic; hopefully modern medicine will extend it
    further & farther into the future.
    With world travel as it is, infection can be an eight lagged spider multiplying by the time the
    Epidemic is identified. A person infected with the flu may transmit it for two days before they
    have symptoms, and for five to seven days after symptoms begin.
    H5N1 is the prime identified suspect; when (and if) it is able to transfer from human to
    human; maybe 2years; maybe 12years
    American Red Cross - Pandemic Flu Home
    The mission of the American Red Cross is helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
    Pandemic Flu Home
    Pandemic Flu Planning Checklist for Individuals and Families

    For more information, contact your local American Red Cross chapter, visit or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.
    Many of the recommendations in this brochure are from the U.S. Department of Health and
    Human Services. This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical
    care or current public health advice. Seek advice from your health-care provider, the CDC
    and your local health department.
    As with all medications and treatments, there are side effects and potential complications.
    Seek professional advice from your health-care professional to make sure any medication or
    vaccination is appropriate to your health.

    :) The previous posts in this thread are so good this was the only facet where I could
    Survival Skills "it becomes a life style--almost a religion.
  8. allmons

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    Two more essentials -

    Salt and .22 LR caliber ammo. You need salt for survival in a long term survival situation.

    While most people have a .22 rifle at home somewhere, most of them have very few rounds stockpiled. Extra .22's can be an excellent bartering currency.
  9. rats

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    Yes, BYNO's are Bynoculars, sorry for the typo
  11. Scout

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    This site is a good source for information.

    The site seemed to be down earlier this week, but is up now. Some good ideas here.
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    hmmmm I guess with the end of the world coming I better get a survival kit too.
    1. Starwars DVD collection [check]
    2. xbox 360 w/gears of war [check]
    3. tv [check]
    4. Solar Battery pack [check]
    5. Porno stash [check]

    and I guess my light saber for anyone who dares challenge me out in the wild.
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    I agree with most of the stuff I have read. I also carry Bouillon cubes in my bug out bag they are not very nutritious but easy to carry and when on the run they make you feel full so you can think straight and plan your next move. They also have a reasonable amount of sodium. I am also a big fan of Leatherman tools and a 6 in crescent wrench. You never know when you need to take something apart or build something on the move.
  14. noebe

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    go here "ultralightweighthiking' on youtube. the BOB has to be kept as light as possible. Mine is 12 lbs, before the food, water, NVD goggles, concealable armor, and guns/ammo/accessories. Keep the total under 40 lbs, or you'll turn an ankle, etc, before the first day is done.

    Caches are the only realistic answer.
  15. Rex in OTZ

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    My Arctic Coast tsunami bug out kit.
    This kit is a plastic pickup truck construction site job tool chest, with multi fuel coleman stove, (cooking gear-cups, plates, dish soap, camp utinsels, plunge type can opener, cooking pot, metal dish pan, olive oil, salt, Tea, cast iron skillet, paring knife, butcher knife), smaller grub box of assorted cold stable foods weeks worth 4 persons, 4 person tent, sleeping bags, sleeping bags, wood saw, hatchet, 3 tarps, 1 ground cloth, one tube of amazeing goop adhesive1 collapsable honey bucket with bags, water filter, sharpening stone, collapseable bucket, rope, 500 ft paracord, military first aid kit, compact custom sewing kit, paper towel, and toilet paper, 2 sizes trash bags, military grade machete, 3gal sealed tins of white gas, 3 camp stools, short d-handle spade, 2ea 2 d-cell mag led flashlights, one box of 20ga #4's, one box 12ga #4's, one brick of .22, one cricket .22 rifle, hand generated flourcent lantern. 2 bath towels, kitchen hand towels, washcloth, spare socks & underwear, travel bag of women hygene stuff plus pm pills, dog food, water pan,

    this box is ready to roll, readily secured to a flat sled or atv trailer of slide into a car trunk of pickup truck box.

    each person grabs their winter gear and spare bootliners and snow suits as we head out, each kid has their own travel/hunting day pack they keep their own personal items, my pack has a old High Standard .22mag revolver with box of shells, spare box of deer rifle ctgs, firstaid kit with tylanol and cold/flu tabs, petzel head lamp, signal mirror, compass water proof container & matches, shelter half, fire steel with film canister of treated dryer lint, spare eye glasses, space blanket, water purification straw, canteen with metal cup, us army pocket knife, sog multi tool, rubberized poncho, beaver hat, face mask, goggles, spare wool socks, dry t-shirt in ziplock.tooth paste and travel brush, pocket size pull through cleaning kit, bag of dry fish strips, can of spam meat, 12 pilot bread crackers, jar of home made jam (fireweed & rhubarb) spare hooded sweatshirt, small packet of tissues.

    dog tie out chain for my muts.
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    I have a small survival bag for emergencies. I dont plan on bugging out unless forced to. In the bag are some basic items.
    Tarp, hand warmers, alcohol and wood burning camp stove, paracord, cooking kit, various knives, light sticks, a 30 day lantern, various batteries, tent, water filters, hatchet, saw, snare wire, water bottles (nalgene), multi tool, camp soap, large trauma kit, various medications and iodine tablets, flashlights, various tinder, trioxane tablets, knife diamond stone, rain ponchos, male and female hygene kits, and other items in 5.11 Rush 72 bag and Rush 12.
  17. Rex in OTZ

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    How about dry meat

    here is what dry pike looks like.
    dried herring
    dried smelt
    dried hamburger
    dried peaches
    dried persimmons
    out in rural Alaska we dry our own berries like blue berries, crow berries, cranberries, and rose hips.

    a window screen propped across in front my toyo stove 56 to a chair back I can dry massive ammounts of berries passively, instead to oven baking, I package them in paper lunch bags or in old mayonase jars.

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  18. JTJ

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    Anything in the original kit has probably rotted after 7 years.
  19. Rex in OTZ

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    1. You just ran into a desperate family with a sick kid, against your intuition, you help the family & they jump you, the momma just hit you on the side your head and in the face with her kids softball bat busting out a few your teeth, your head is throbbing, your dizzy and had thrown up, poppa had his k-bar and you got a few deep slashes on your hands and arms ss they stripped you of your back pack, you managed to escape before they killed you for your boots.
    2. You bugged outta town, second week in boonies (had syill to make it to your BOL due to blocked roads) you jump a camp and make off with their multi-fuel stove, you drag it back to your where your family is hiding and attempt to boil some swamp water, the stove blows up and you char a bit (2nd degree burn) on your face, arms and right fore-arm & hand.
    3. Your in a camp with your family, you had been cleaning some fish, slipped and nicked your left thumb web.
    its becoming inflamed 4 days later and iodine was and your topical ointment is not working.
    4. Third week your BOL was rushed by a gang of 30 desperate people, your group barely escaped, your wife has some buckshot in her back and waste area, you have a bullet wound in your lower left thigh, your kids are sick with the black ****s and they have high fevers.
    5. You were hunted by a gang as you were scrounging, diving over fences and dodging through burnt buildings you sprain an ankle, jamb 2 fingers of your right hand, then dive through a window onto some broken glass.
    Whats in your bag for that?
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    I need to get one of those so I can dry foods myself.

    Wow! They sure are expensive though !!!

    Tagging this for future reference.

    Thanks Rex.
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