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  1. shoez

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    If you had to pick one gun, only one, for survival, what would it be?

    I think I would choose a 12 Ga. pump, probably a Remington 870. With a supply of field loads with 6's or 7 1/2's, some OO Buck, and some good old 1 oz. rifled slugs I think you could handle a lot of different situations from defense to feeding you and your family. Finding ammo along the way probably would not be too hard either.
  2. bkt

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    That sounds right to me. But it really depends on circumstances.

  3. tipsovr

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    12 ga would be my first choice. SKS or AK second.
  4. matt g

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    Is this gun for surviving zombie doom or the cable going out?
  5. GlenJohnson

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    You mean my .22 wouldn't cut it?:eek:
  6. glockfire

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    12g, fires a nice variety of rounds, can take down anything from a bunny to a bear. And, every store that carries ammo carries 12g ammo.
  7. pioneer461

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    Only one? Are we talking SHTF street survival, or lost in the woods survival?

    SHTF street survival would be my Mini-14 with a good supply of ammo.

    Lost in the woods, If I knew ahead of time I was going to be lost in the woods, I would take along a shotgun with a variety of ammo, for taking birds, deer, pigs, whatever. But then again if I had my wife along to tell me which way to turn, I never would have gotten lost in the first place. :eek:


  8. EHCRain10

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    Pioneer, where did you get that sling?
    ive been looking for one to go with my 12ga but i havent seen any around
  9. Defender

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    Mossberg 930 Autoloader Field/Security Combo, with interchangeable barrels suitable for hunting and self-defense.

    List price of only 558.00, meaning you should be able to pick one up for noticeably less than that at any reputable gun shop. Be sure to stock up on plenty of buckshot AND birdshot.

  10. 7600

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    12 gauge would be a good choice. A good 22 would work too.
  11. gnoll

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    lol here we go again
  12. DSAPT9

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    If it is a SHTF then I would go with my AR15 or DSA SA58C Para. If I am lost in the woods and no bad guys A Ruger 10-22 couple high caps a couple factory 10rd mags and an ammo box of 22lr. I like the 12 ga but ammo is heavy to carry.
  13. v3rtico

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    Depends. In case I have to do long range precise shots I would choose the AW50F. In case I would have to walk/run far and only use the gun in case something/someone attacks me, I would use a light pistol, for example the CZ 85. Always depends on the situation...
  14. standingbear

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    Survival Weapons Of Choice

    Being in the military for a great many years and running sp op's, you had the opportunity to use and train on many weapons from all countries. In there you slected a weapon of choice and in many cases you were assigned a spec weapon for a special purpose on that mission, ie. shotgun to open doors by shooting off the hinges, M-14 with night and day scope for sniping or watching over the team as it went in. Mostly everyone carried a 223 weapon, but some like to carry a back up, like a MP5 or Mini-Uzi, both 9mm. You had to also take in consideration how long the mission was, as ammo got heavy each day and if there was not a engagement to allow you the opporunity to lose a few rounds, that hump bag got heavy. You had other items in the bag, ie. grenades, smoke, frag or flash, Claymore's, C4 and det's, extra linked ammo for squad weapon, extra 40mm rounds, (I liked a M203) radio or Sat Com equip., rations, water canteens, first aid kit, change of clothing, socks, and any extra you wanted to hump. You try to fill out your side pockets and shirt pockets with as much as you can, as this takes weight from the back. You also had a personal side arm. I like the 9mm 92F and at least two carried a 22 Bull Pulp with silencer. I looked at the equipment we had in the Army and what was available on the outside. I knew I needed a 12 gage shotgun, but was not sure which one, but I am leaning to a 870. This will be my close in work weapon. My wife has a 410. I also chose a Mini-14 as this is one of the best weapons out there and one that does not jam or have breakage as some do. Plus it can be made to put some rounds down range in a hurry. A legal addage is the trigger guard, where it allows you to pull back on the trigger as fast as you can, like the Rifleman, giving you a three round burst. You can get these in many gun stores or mags. I also have several 22"s, but feel the 10/22 is the best, with the 25,30,40,50 and 100 round clips. Plus you can get the same trigger guard like the Mini-14 to allow a three round burst. If I had to have a weapon to carry in a hurry to the woods, I guess I would have to say the 10/22 would be my weapon of choice. You can carry more ammo, put out a lot of rounds, plus the hollow points and other rounds can put a deer down, even a bear in a emergency, but I would not want to chance it. With this I would like to have a 357 or 44 mag. Either a Auto Mag or Double action. This would be your heavy weapon. I could go on and on about choices and we all have our own. That would be the best way to for a person to choose. You take what weapon you feel is best for you, look at how much ammo you would be able to carry, plus all other items and I guess the area you will be in and the different animals that are in that area. Plus you would also look at who would be with you and their weapon of choice. You may carry the Mini-14 and your wife the 10/22 and maybe a son a 3030 and a daughter a 410 or 20 gauge. Or you all could carry the same type of caliber and all carry the same ammo. This idea could go on and on, but like I said, it is up to the individual as to what caliber of weapon and ammo to carry. I would like to thank you all for the info on the 870 and other shotguns. You all take care and may GOD bless and watch over you all and your families in the coming storm!
  15. h&k bigdaddydieseldan

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    if it is a shtf street survial it would either be my ar15 or my ak would have to look at the best case scenario :D :D definitely nothing wrong with a good 12 gauge either :) :)
  16. 1776-1976

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    The ultimate shtf survival rifle would be a Ruger 10-22. I know there are many who would disagree so let me explain the reason for it. Not if but when the shtf nobody is going to be able to hold off for very long from there home. Unlike in the movies houses are not bullet proof. Travel by roads will be restricted and fuel will be unavailable. Your only hope for survival will be to get away from the populated areas and make shelter in rural wooded areas. All you will have is what you and your family can carry. This brings us to why the 10-22 is the ultimate survival rifle. One person can carry 2 to 4 bricks of 22lr a long distance without much problem wich means you will have 1000-2000 rounds or more with you. Pick up a 1000 round case of 223, 7.62x39, or whatever your prefered caliber and see how far and fast you can carry it. Another reason for the 10-22 is the 20-50 round high cap mags that are still available. The 10-22 is time tested and dependable and will serve well for hunting small game and protection. I also own several AR's, AK's, and even a Daewoo wich I would much rather carry but if you could only carry only one firearms it should be one you could also carry a good supply of ammo with. If you still choose to carry a more powerful firearm you should atleast carry something that will use the same ammo, mags, and parts as your enemies firearms do so when you have the opportunity you can resupply yourself with what you have taken from them.
  17. AR Hammer

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    I've been buying into that 'Survival' crap for 40 years now!
    Ain't seen the 'End of the world' yet...

    Hurricane Andrew came close! Didn't need a gun except for when the city vultures came in about the third or fourth day.

    If lost in the wildness, I'd have to agree, a 12 Ga. with different kinds of loads.
    You can hunt anything from squirrels to bear with a 12 Ga. and suitable rounds.

    I have a .223 over/20 Ga. lower that I like a bunch.
    Using a .22LR insert in the .223 barrel makes it that much more useful.
  18. RL357Mag

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    A Phase Plasma Rifle in the 9mm range....I'll be back
  19. coltm4

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    i figure with a good rifle you could "acquire" a shotgun. just kidding. if i could only choose one for all around utility i'd go with 12ga. however i live in a suburban/urban setting, so i'm pretty partial to my AR.
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    One Gun?

    One handy gun if mostly for food and stealth might be an old 22LR 3" .410 Savage Model 24 over & under.


    Retired GS
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