Surplus 45 Ammo?

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by michigan0626, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. michigan0626

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    On center fire systems website they have .45 ammo listed. Centerfire Systems, Inc. - .45 ACP

    .45 Auto FMJ 230GR Russian Mfg.
    1,000 for $255. That seems like a great deal to me. It doesnt list brand, am I right in assuming its Wolf Ammo?

    Would you trust this plinking ammo in your gun? This would strickly be for the range, not for the holster.

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  2. mpd8488

    mpd8488 New Member

    Are you sure it's surplus? I ordered a bunch of Russian stuff that looked just like that a while back. Manufactured by the Tula Armory or something like that. I've had no issues other than it's really dirty.

  3. sweeper22

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    It'd probably run fine for you. Personally, I'd fork out the few extra dollars on some American brass-cased FMJ to run through my 45s.

    I figure you'll end up spending closer to $300 (maybe more) by the time you've paid for shipping. So $30/100. You can get Federal or Winchester FMJ at many Walmarts for $32-34/100. You can also order Federal HPs for as little as $35/100, so maybe closer to $40/100 delivered.
  4. vonfatman

    vonfatman New Member

    No worries in my mind...current production ammo. I've shot it in my Glock 21 and 36 with no issues.

    As Mr. mpd8488's pretty darn dirty and it does not have the same "normal" odor as does US ammo....but is goes bang every time, is reasonably accurate and the price is hard to beat.

    I reload now so I do not buy it any more but would not hesitate if I were in your shoes.

    Now, one other thought...if the gun you are using has significant value (monetarily or sentimentally) I'd probably stick with US ammo for that particular gun...I've read an occasional "story" of this ammo having an occasional round or two with high pressures. If your gun is easily replaced, then go for it.

    Just my .02

  5. Dgunsmith

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    Its current production Russian ammo....not surplus as the Soviets do not use 45acp.

    It is steel cased, non-reloadable, dirty and not good for your chamber.

    That's why it is cheap !
  6. WDB

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    Dgt hit it on the head. if you don't like your pistol I expect its a fine round, feed good ammo and expect a good result.
  7. oldman45

    oldman45 New Member

    I buy Winchester ammo, 230 grain FMJ, on sale here in the US for $28 per 100 rounds.

    For many reasons, I would not buy ammo known to be made in other countries where specs may not be the same. This is especially so when considering Russian ammo that has been proven to be corrosive in times.

    A person will spend thousands of dollars buying a really nice handgun and then want to save a dollar on 100 rounds by using inferior ammo. Never have understood the wisdom of taking a chance on damaging a nice gun and possibly injuring the shooter just to save a couple of dollars.

    However, for the sake of understanding, let's say a person buys 1,000 rounds of ammo from another country. They begin to shoot the ammo and somewhere down the line, they have a bad couple of shots and the gun blows up in their hands. Both hands sustain heavy damage but more important, the face gets hit by fragments that causes permanant damage. OK, who is responsible for the medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering and other damages?

    The liability is limited due to foreign laws. Even filing suits gets very pricey and that is if you can find the party responsible. Then if you go to court, it would be on their soil with their Judges.

    Suing Remington, Winchester, Federal and such is less complicated and their ammo is far superior.