Surefire socom556-rc

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    This will be my first can/nfa item to buy. Looking around and doing alot of browsing I think the the sf socom is the one I want to to get. But I have a few things to ask before i get it. I plan on putting it on a 16" ar15 and doing this in September.

    1. How long do they normally last? I plan on taking it to carbine classes and eventually teaching classes so it will have a lot of round count.

    2. How do you clean it? I remember reading somewhere it's not good to submerge it.

    3.would this work on a sbr I plan on building or buying a ddmk18.

    4. I can't find if this is warrantied or not. So if I get a baffle strike, or if it dies do to too much build up . Can I send it in to get it cleaned and new baffles?

    NFA questions

    1. I plan on doing a trust so I can put my wife ,son and parents on it, but can I put more than one nfa item like the can then the sbr when I build it?

    2. What's the wait time now? I'm tracking around 10months.

    Sorry for all the questions but this a one time purchase and I rather ask alot of questions and buy a good can pay more and cry once
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    answers in bold
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    Thanks alot for answering my questions.