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I'm new to your forum, so thanks for letting me join, and post here. Hopefully, I have followed all the rules and posted this in the right place. This is my first shotgun purchase since I was a kid and had a shotgun that I hunted pheasants and ducks with in the MidWest.

I recently bought a Mossy 500A Tactical, new. This is a factory setup, with 18.5" barrel, heatshield, ATI adjustable stock, rubber buttstock, and so on, as pictured. I plan on keeping the gun solely for home defense purposes, and I want to make a couple more additions to it.

Surefire G2 Mount: I have a Surefire G2 flashlight that I want to mount on the shotgun, with the addition of a conveniently-located pressure sensitive switch. I'll mention several Surefire mounts I have seen:

1) I have seen some Mossbergs modified with a forestock with an integral Surefire light. I have seen an aftermarket forestock with an integral light and a) I don't much care for that mounting, and b) it's more $ than I want to spend.

2) I have also seen fore end grips on some tactical shotguns with a Surefire light mounted to it, but if possible, I'd like to stick with the OEM forestock, as I kind of like it.

3) And I have seen lights mounted on a rail on shotguns, but it seems to me that would interfere with sighting/aiming.

I thought about trying to mount the light to the mag tube ahead of the forestock with one of the clamps made for the purpose, but a) there is very little room there so I don't know if it would even work, and b) I really don't want a wire running all the way back to the pistol grip, since I want the benefit of a pressure switch.

The location that interests me most for mounting my G2 Surefire light is on the side of the shotgun just opposite the breech. But I don't know if this is possible, because I don't see much to attach anything to there. And I have only seen one picture of a mounting in that location. It was a mounting device that stuck inside a shot side saddle that was mounted there. The mount that held the light fit inside one of the shot shell slots. This of course, necessitated putting the shells in the other slots from the bottom. I'm not excited about this solution because I already have a side saddle on the ATI stock, plus I'm not sure how sturdy such a flashlight mount would be anyway.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where and how to mount my Surefire G2 light on this Mossy?

Sling: The only other addition I want to make is a sling. I have read advice here and there on the web about a sling. I have seen different styles recommended, and some say leather and some canvas. Any input?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

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