Supreme Court, 2nd Amendment, and new documentary

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by DaveHardy, Oct 16, 2007.

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    The Supreme Court is due to announce whether it will take the DC appeal, from the striking of its handgun ban, on November 5.

    I've released a documentary on the right to arms, "In Search of the Second Amendment (website: You can see Michelle Malkins' review of it, and a preview, at

    In a try to get the word out quickly, I've (1) given everyone a license (shown on the website) to play it on cable access TV in their communities, without limit, and (2) given a big discount on multiple orders (first copy $24.95, additionals just $10, plus $2 s/h -- might be a way to stock up some Christmas presents for activist friends, too).

    I'd appreciate if anyone could help getting the word out.
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    I purchased this DVD and enjoyed it tremendously! It is an outstanding work covering the history of the rights and even obligations to own arms. Thank you for making the effort to put this documentary together.

    This is a must-see for anyone who isn't really sure whether or not the Second Amendment is necessary anymore. And it's useful to those who are pro-gun for some reason or another in that it teaches a lot of history on the subject of citizens owning arms and provides a sound, firm base from which to present your argument.

    (I have no connection to Mr. Hardy or this work. I'm just a satisfied customer.)

  3. Chuck

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    I just posted the trailer as a bulletin on MySpace.