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    sorry if this topic has been run to hell, but I have looked at a ton of suppressor stuff and I can't figure out if I cna fill out the paper work and get the stamp myself and have it shipped to my house or if I have to go through a class III dealer. I live in south dakota so no class III's I know of
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    I don't know if the class III dealer has to reside in your state to work through him/her. I thought the BATF had that info. Have you askedd them?

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    A suppressor is LEGALLY a firearm (yeah, I know, that makes no sense. So what?) like any other firearm, the transfer will need to be made through a dealer in YOUR state of residence.

    BATFE does not give out names and addresses of license holders. But I'll bet you a beer that an email to 3 or 4 suppressor MAKERS asking "Who distributes your products in South Dakota?" will get you an answer. Someone like, oh, maybe these folks-
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    Did you even TRY a search for dealers in South Dakota?

    outh Dakota (SD) Class 3 Dealers
    Deep Creek Outfitters, LLC Wall 605-457-2532
    First Stop Inc. Rapid City 605-341-5211
    Gary's Gun Shop Sioux Falls 605-332-6119
    Jim Enga Gun Supply Madison 605-256-6429
    Larry's Guns Yankton 605-665-9461
    MCT Volga 605-690-1157
    O'Neill Ops Tuthill 605-685 6085
    Predator Arms Lake Preston 605-847-5074
    Rapid-Fire Firearms Rapid City 605-381-8940
    South Dakota Silencer Sioux Falls 605-254-2811
    Split Rock Arms Sioux Falls 605-376-3127
    Telton River Traders Ft Pierre 605-224-1371
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    are those class III dealers? cause I did a search on google and came up empty. I guess I need to work on my searching skills

    and thanks for responses I'll make an intro thread shortly.
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    I see my name at the top of the list :D

    I will send you an IM LKorey and if you have any questions feel free to give me a call.

    The Closest dealer to you that is good to deal with would probelly be Leo Hess of Full Blast Eng. in Souix Falls, cheaper then Garys and alot better to deal with.
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    South Dakota Silencer - Can reach me as well!

    If you need help from the largest silencer dealer in the Dakota or want to use our silencer testing meter, just let me know.

    The greatest learning for me in this business is the most popular silencers are usually the loudest... Do some research before you buy. Everyone loves their personal silencer, be sure to see how it tests compared to the others before buying....

    Brandon L. Maddox
    South Dakota Silencer