Suppressor longevity

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    How long will a quality .22 pistol suppressor last? Does anyone have any experience with them?

    I recently got to fire a Walther p22 with a gemtech can and it was great, no hearing protection required. The only slighly annoying part was the can made using the sights a bit more difficult as the can itself blocked anything below the sights so if you were aiming high you couldn't see what you were shooting very well. But it also had a laser sight on the gun, some might say mall ninja but it was a fun little plinker.
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    If you suppress .22, you want to be sure you have a user serviceable unit. The hot one now is the Silencerco Sparrow. The new one has stainless steel monolitihic baffle that can be soaked in acidic solvent to remove the lead that vaporizes and settles on the baffles. (I have one on order.)

    I have a Gemtech Alpine that has K baffles made of aluminum. It too is end user serviceable, but the aluminum needs to be blasted to clean. Sodium Bicarb will do a fine job on it.

    Sealed .22 cans won't keep their quiet much past 10K rounds.