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Discussion in 'Blackpowder & Musket' started by sheriffjohn, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. sheriffjohn

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    Anyone seen, held, shot or own one of the Silencerco Maxim 50's ? Brownell's lists them for $999, complete with silencer installed at the factory. Legal to own w/o $200 transfer tax stamp, registration, etc. I'm a bit curious. Supposed to reduce smoke as well as suppress muzzle blast. Also comes with a brass loading tube. Not your average muzzleloader.
  2. MisterMcCool

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    If it reduces smoke, are the particles trapped in the silencer?
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  3. sheriffjohn

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    It would seem to me to be a pain to clean and carrying a loading tube around not a fun thing, either. My son uses a suppressor on his 30-06 deer hunting with good luck but it's far from silent or even quiet . The photos of the Maxim 50 ML are interesting ...and a bit ...odd.
  4. alsaqr

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    It's a $300 gun with a suppressor looking for a niche.
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  5. 762

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    i hope there's a way to clean the suppressor, i bet it gets filthy real quick.
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  6. kfox75

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    The "Moderator" is a permanent part of the barrel, so the standard solvent clean for the whole barrel in the field, and a warm, then hot water rinse, followede by dry patches, and an air dry.

    If the "Moderator" could be removed, it would be a Class 3 item. As part of the barrel, and not a "Silencer", the NFA, as it is also a front stuffer, does not apply to it.

    Right now, Silencer co has them on sale for $899.

    And yes, I have already ordered one, which is due to ship sometime next week. I alos have a base for the scope coming, and have a muzzle loader scope here in the cabinet that is just waiting for a home. picked it up in a used bin at the LGS for $5 with a good rimfire one and shotgun one, that are both old enough to order up a shot.

    Range report, with dB meter readings, gel testing, and accuracy results will be posted after break in.

    This is my one birthday, anniversary, and Christmas gift for the year, which is how we do it in this household.

    Also plan to have the Wolf and the Optima at the range for comparison on all counts.

    As to price, check the MSRP on the new offerings from T\C, and you will find they are in the same range as the higher end offerings of T\C.
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  7. primer1

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    There is an interesting YouTube video tilted "silencerco Maxim 50 subsonic vs Sonic suppressed muzzleloader". He used the same bullet with four charges: 100 grain, 50, 35, and 30 grains. The 35 grain was just barely below supersonic. If I was smart enough to post the link I would.
  8. BillDeShivs

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    Gimmick for the bump-stock crowd.
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