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    What will it take to get one or can you just go bye one
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    It's not that bad I hear, but do not attempt to make one yourself. This is prison time, the land of the forcible...shower partner.

    Check out the ATF sites, there's some paperwork, a tax stamp, background check and so forth.

    Beware, I believe that some states have them outlawed entirely.

    Someone who knows more than I will chime in shortly.

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    It depends on what state you live in. Many states will let you go buy one, but you will have to pay the $200 tax stamp to the feds along with the cost of the suppressor. Other states (like New York) ban them outright.
  4. JonM

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    Depends on where you are. Only a few states outlaw them. Here in wisconsin we can use revocable trusts(highly recomend getting a nfa knowledgable lawyer), corporate llc(again get a lawyer that knows nfa), or just personally signing the paperwork but you will need cleo approval.

    Some states can bypass cleo approval others you cant.

    Once your nfa paperwork is filled out you submit it along with 200$ for the stamp. Then wait. If you KNOW you have problems in the area of crime or beating a wife boyfriend girlfriend doing drugs etc dont waste your time.

    Depending on how good your attourney is the proccess for approval can take 60 days to 1.5 years. The approval time is where it doesnt pay to use legal zoom or be your own attourney.

    Whichever way you go i highly recomend and i cant stress it enough get the advice from an attourney familiar in nfa law.

    I live in wisconsin and buy nfa stuff via trust. The last suppressor i bought was 58 days before i had stamp in hand. I currently have the ball rolling on another one.

    They are a ton of fun. Not every class3 dealer knows what they are talking about which is why its good to seek legal council first. It weeds out the schmucks from the good ones and makes the proccess gi smoothly.
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    Tax stamps are running slightly over 4 months in Texas. I have two FA and one suppressor in the mix right now. Both FA's are two weeks past 4 months as of today so I can speak for certain that it takes that long.
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    To try to put several answers together in one spot- as said- depends on where you live. They are regulated by Federal law- National Firearms Act (NFA) like a machine gun, and MAY be regulated by state law where you live.

    It must be transferred to you through a class III firearms dealer in your home state. You need to apply to the BATFE for transfer. This will require either getting printed and getting approval from your local chief law enforcement officer, or setting up a legal trust to own the suppressor (see a lawyer, do not use lawyer-in-a-can computer program). You will pay a one time $200 Federal tax on the transfer. First, find a Class III dealer, and follow his guidance.

    Yes, you MAY build your own. You must have completed above paperwork and taxes BEFORE building.

    MAJOR criminal penalties for possession of unregistered suppressor.
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    What timing. My ffl just called to say the tax stamp on the first FA just came in so I pick it up tomorrow. Filed on May 25th so you can do the math. I don't need to. :D