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    I have a customer who thinks that it is possible to re-chamber his Savage M24 series in 30WCF over 12 ga too a 308 WCF....I'm saying no way, chamber pressure is well above what the action can handle. Arguing, that his friend has loaded very hot 30WCF's, and they had no problem; but still...I think even a 300 Savage would be stretching the action. Reason being, his friend wont be loading the spritzer bullets etc, but with Hornaday flex tips why bother. The rifle is very accurate the way it is...I need some input he guys to show this guy it is not a safe thing to do.
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    what are the maximum pressure differences between the two cartridges?

    that should be the answer to your question IMO.

    most actions are proof tested beyond the cartridge they are designed to shoot. doesn't mean that it should be done on a regular basis my any means.

    but if the cartridge he wants to use is pretty close to the same pressure levels as the original cartridge, then maybe it can be done.

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    While its possible to ream it out to 308, the 308win is substantially larger in diameter and if the gun is like any other o/u comb i doubt there is but the bare metal necessary for it to fire the 30wcf safely. Reaming it out would likely leave the chamber walls to thin to be safe.

    Personally i wouldnt run that risk as a gunsmith. When your converting calibers its usually in the same cartridge family. What he is asking is similar to reaming out a 9mm barrel to 45acp...
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    He should be able to see there are no locking lugs on the M24 to support the additional pressure that the 308 winchester is going to create. He has a nice gun now. Why screw it up?

    Let him look up the definition of CUP - Then compare the two calibers.
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    30-30 has a SAAMI pressure spec of 42,000 psi- MAX. The .308 Winchester has a pressure spec of 62,000 psi.

    So, reaming out a chamber a LOT- leaving thin chamber walls- and jumping the pressure to 147% of the level it was designed for- this would be a good idea because.....???
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    When the cost of conversion equals the cost of a new firearm in the caliber I want, then the decision is made for me.

    I agree that the customer should be make aware of maximum pressure.
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    If your customer wants a .308 to reach out, proly ought to get a platform that helps with that.

    The ergonomics, trigger and sights of the Savage 24 IMHO are pretty bad (as a shotgun or as a rifle). Outside of some nostalgic reasons I see no reason to own one.

    Better served having a shotgun and a rifle, two rigs, not a poor compromise of each rolled into one.

    Some folks like the M24, and they hold a decent value. Better to leave it as is and use it, or leave it as sell and buy something else.
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