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Has anyone talked to the manufactures about when the ammo, mag supplies for the 5.56 / 223 will start to meet demand?
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To make a long story short, they have no idea.
From the experience of history, I would guess from 3 to 6 months for a slight let up, and 9 to 12 for completely filling the pipeline.

Patience folks, the Mayans were wrong.:p
DP, you might want to call yourself and ask. That is if you can get anyone on the other end who has the time to take a call!

Rereading that, yeah you might have better luck calling yourself! :D

cabelas is 3 to 4 weeks...small gun dealers are looking at spring time[ may ] to catch up... cory
You would think they would want to get a supply before the items are banned.
They do want to get supplied. But the demand is too great.

And a ban is unlikely.
Today in the Omaha area Scheel's had a stock of gen 2 pmags for 25 a piece limit 10 per customer. My buddy was there an hour or so before me and they told him the recieved 200 mags in. By the time I got there the supply had dwindled quite a bit so I picked up a couple. They also had some 223 ammo, not a lot but some at least which is more than the other places had, which was none
Most of the stuff I've seen online is estimating May for any real amounts. Some list August. But it doesn't matter really what they say, what matters is when it shows up, which is whenever the manufacturers can get caught up. Given current demand, I wouldn't expect to see any .223/5.56 for 4-6 months in retail stores.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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