sunday afternoon with the scar17

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by JonM, May 19, 2014.

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    yesterday i took the scar17 to the range to zero the nightforce 2.5-10x32 moar scope and the magpul mbus sights. while the oem sights are very good they just arent very durable with instances of dropped rifles sheering off sight parts disabling the sights i decided to remove them and just use mbus sights.

    pictured below is my scar17s but its sporting the trijicon tr24g and oem sights but otherwise as it sits now with handl lower to use pmags super scar trigger and vltor handguards extension and stock


    bottom group is the mbus open sights using sierra 168grn smk. top group i gave the nightforce 4moa up and fired ten three rounds were flyers but seven went into one amazingly small hole.

    i did fire about 40 rounds before settling down and shooting these two groups.


    the scar17 is very capable of amazing accuracy with handloads. shooting it really boils down to the monkey on the trigger. its prolly going to be a long time before i get rounds that tight again.
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    Let me just throw in here, Balota and I had the chance to be the monkey on the trigger of this rifle. What a thrill. :D

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    Nice shooting. Nice rifle.
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    Love the rifle. Nice shooting.