Sun Oven?

Discussion in 'Survival & Sustenance Living Forum' started by MattShlock, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. MattShlock

    MattShlock New Member

    Anyone have a sun oven? Have a line on a brand new one with a complete kit at a good price and presume it isn't useable only in the Winter...

    A novelty for me.

  2. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Have built a couple of basic ones (just to see if I could build one that works).

    Yes, they work- within limits. Forget pizza. Mine topped out at about 300 degrees. requires frequent attention t0 keep oriented to sun. Will work on any SUNNY day. Hot days not required. Plan on things that take a LONG time to cook.

    We also built a parabolic reflector hot dog cooker that the kids LOVED- would cook a hotdog in about 5 minutes or so.

  3. MattShlock

    MattShlock New Member

    Thanks. After some research I took the plunge. For a few hundred bucks it seems like a decent backup plan to cook food in a pinch. Not relying on utilities. Propane, white-gas, and dual-fuel stoves only last so long.

    They say it takes about as long as a regular oven cooks stuff (I guess they mean at 300 to 400 degrees). No it won't get hot enough to fry - lol. Even came with two pots, two bread pans and stackable baking/food-drying racks in the case so it is truly a self contained emergency system.

    Self reliance shop I bought it from on closeout suggested I cook with it all the time -- that it really makes meats taste better as not "dry" cooked and they stay moist and flavorful though not "crispy" on the outside. All the reviews are pretty consistant and favorable.
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  4. hiwall

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    I've been doing most of my cooking this month on the hood of my car! It gets warm down here.:)
  5. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    I hope you wipe the bug splatters and bird poop off first. :p
  6. clr8ter

    clr8ter New Member

    When I was in 6th grade, we built these ovens for a science project. They worked OK. I bet a clever guy who did some research could build a much better one than what we made, and for a lot less than a couple hundred bucks.