Suicide -multiple Shot Gun hits Chest + throat + heart

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    Multiple gunshot suicide occurs when an individual commits suicide by firearm and succeeds in inflicting two or more gunshots upon himself before incapacitation ensues. It does not include suicides where the firearms are operated by other persons, such as suicide by cop.

    Multiple gunshot suicides engender controversy because of the popular misconception that it is impossible for an individual to inflict more than one gunshot upon themselves. Because of this many are associated with conspiracy theories, which hold that those individuals actually were the victims of a homicide.[1] Forensic medicine has discovered, however, that suicides by firearm involving multiple gunshots, although uncommon, are by no means rare; as many as eight percent (8%) (nearly one in every twelve) of suicides by firearm involve multiple gunshots.[2] Suicides involving as many as six self-inflicted gunshots have been documented in the literature.[3]

    Incapacitation from a gunshot injury results from a decrease in the functioning of the central nervous system. In a suicide by firearm, immediate incapacitation can be achieved by direct disruption to brain stem tissue. Rapid incapacitation can be achieved indirectly by cerebral hypoxemia resulting from massive bleeding from the heart, the thoracic aorta, or the pulmonary artery. Damage to other major organs - the lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen - results only in delayed incapacitation.[2] Incapacitation by a shot to the head is achieved when the bullet penetrates the telencephalon; however, numerous bullet trajectories, including a shot between the eyes, do not achieve this penetration.[4]

    One particular case has been documented from Australia.

    In February 1995, a man committed suicide on parkland in Canberra, Australia. He took a pump action shotgun and shot himself in the chest. The load passed through the chest without hitting a rib, and went out the other side. He then walked fifteen meters, reloaded, leaned the shotgun against his throat, and shot his throat and part of his jaw. Breathing through this gunshot-inflicted tracheotomy, he reloaded, walked 136 meters to a hill slope, lay down on the slope, held the gun against his chest with his hands and operated the trigger with his toes.

    This shot entered the thoracic cavity and demolished the heart, killing him.[5]
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    what the hell kind of shotty was he using? you would think the blast to the throat would seperate his spinal cord, if not from the load but the massive pressures released from the shell. weird

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    I have personally seen the results of several such endeavors. A .410 under the chin that simply removed one half of the face. Finished the job several months later with a .25 ACP Raven. A .38 to the right side of the head. JHP entered behind right ear (pulled head away as she pulled the trigger) Paralysis to the left side of the body was the primary result. Fisished the job six months later with another .38 in the mouth. One guy even shot himself in the back of the head with a .22. Missed the spine but got close enough with the second round to paralyse the body. Suffocated on his own blood. One elderly woman drove out into the country and shot herself 2x through the heart with a .38.
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    When I was a young skinny man that wore a badge, we had a suicide case- FORTY SEVEN stab wounds. We were SURE it was a homicide- but no. The Medical Examiner found that 46 of the wounds were very shallow- it hurts to stab yourself, and the deceased had apparently pulled back each time she stabbed herself. And finally got the nerve to stab HARD- thru the aorta. Remember thinking THAT was determination.
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    man cant se how someone could do that to themselves. 46 times over and over
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    My wife used to work in the ER at a hospital. One night, the paramedics brought in a guy that had attempted to kill himself by cutting his head off with a chainsaw.

    He fired it up and held the throttle open. He then proceeded to lay his neck across the top of the bar. Due to a dull chain, this pushed the bar down onto his metal work bench top. When the chain on the bottom of the bar hit the bench top, the saw kicked back hard and torqued itself to one side. When it did that, the chain dug in and dragged the saw across the guy's neck and up the side of his head. Shock set in immediately and he fell against the side of the bar. The side of the chain ran against the back of his head for several minutes as the guy's wife was calling 911. This pulled massive chunks of scalp off as is hair tangled in the chain.

    The muffler left 2 degree burns the whole way as the chain laid his throat open and caused gloving of the face and scalp. Once all was said and done, the tracheotomy that he initially performed by slamming his throat onto the chain actually saved his life.
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    wow..... it must suck to hate life so bad and not be able to end it with out making the rest of your life even worse
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    That is definitely one of the oddest things I have read.

    People that do that often make me wonder...

    Worst, or strangest I have seen personally:
    Guy purchased single shot 10 guage with a 32" barrel. Couldn't reach the trigger. Does he use a toe to pull it? Nope. A yard stick? Uh uh. He drives to the hardware store, purchases a hack saw, lops 10" off the barrel then does the deed. The receipt for the hacksaw was time stamped within an hour of me getting there. I couldn't help thinking: "Jeezuz dude. Do ya think maybe not being able to reach the trigger, and not having anything handy to pull it with was a sign, and the trip to the hardware store was time to reflect?"
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    the kids who tried to kill themselves after listening to judas priest in the early 80's used a shotgun. One lived...
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    Good GAWD man! :eek:

    Ummm.... seriously if these people really wanted to die they can find other ways that are less messy and painful. There are chemicals or injections things of that matter that they can use or even make but for goodness sakes if anyone is stupid enough to use a gun or an improvised weapon like a chainsaw to kill themselves is seriously troubled and they do not care for the psychological aftermath of their loved ones if they witness what is happening. Not only that but they use a gun to kill themselves.... anyone for that matter.... uses a gun to kill themselves will put more ammunition for the anti-gun lobby. I obviously I don't condone killing yourself.... but if your out of it enough to actually do it.... do something clean for goodness sakes.