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  1. dog2000tj

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    I'd like to take my AR out again and try for the best accuracy I can get at 100yds. Just to see what I and the rifle can do. But I don't know squat about what is or is not good ammo. All I've run through it so far has been Federal .223 55gr bulk ammo and so far I am very happy how the rifle performs.

    So what would you all recommend for some really good match ammo? Keep in mind I only want a box or two. My STAG is chambered for 5.56 and has a 1/9 twist chrome lined barrel.

  2. Jpyle

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    To get the most from the barrel I would recommend shooting 5.56 not .223, at least when you are testing the limits of the gun and the shooter :). I have had good results with the American Eagle NATO 5.56...not necessarily match ammo but also not run of the mill cheapo bulk ammo either. Uses Lake City brass and full NATO charge...


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    I would go with something nice and expensive from Federal or Hornady. I'm just guessing, but if your paying $1.50 per round, its got to be good stuff.

    You could always have tango work up some hand loads for you.