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    I am new to the C&R area and would like some advice. I'm considering a FEG as a carry gun I know the 7.65 is a 32ACP but can you get this gun in a 380? Second question I also want to get a rifle that can be used for hunting? Any recomendations? I would also need to get one that has easily available ammo.I have already accquired a used Winchester (police) pump 12ga. Any information would be appreciated!
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    For hunting- well, hunting WHAT? The SMLE in .303, a Moisin-Nagant, (91-30 or an M-44) A Swiss K-31, or an M-1 Garand will get you what you need for deer (or Elk, Moose, Bear, light skinned vehicles, small aircraft, etc) However, if you want cheep ammo, go for the M-N. Altho you should not be using Milsurp FMJ ammo for hunting.

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    c3shooter, That depends on if his state will allow semi auto rifles too. M-1 Garand is semi auto. I'd recommend a nice M-1903 Springfield or an M-1917 Enfield or a good newly made or used commercial rifle too. If the person who started this thread lives in Michigan, it IS legal to hunt with FMJ. Would I use it in M.I.? No, for the sake of being humane and smarter than their lawmakers. Some states do not allow the use of semi auto rifles, like where I live. But if I moved back to my home state, I could legally use my M-1 Garand for hunting deer, bear, etc. WITH correctly made S.P. or H.P. ammo suited to the pressures needed for the Garand to operate safely. There is also soft point ammo made in 7.62x54Rmm {Mosin Nagant caliber} it is sold under the moniker called HotShot by Century Arms International and it can be found in Shotgun News.