Suggestions for a small gear bag

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  1. knfxda

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    Looking for suggestions for a small/medium gear bag for trips to the range (can double as a bug/bail out bag).

    Want good value (not cheap, but most bang for the buck).

    Bag will contain:
    • 1-2 pistols
    • 3-6 magazines
    • 200 - 300 rounds of 9mm ammo
    • 1-2 earmuffs
    • 1-2 safety glasses
    • 1 cleaning rag
    • 1-2 speedloaders
    • 1 pack Shoot 'N 'C 6" replacement targets
    • wallet, phone, keys, camera, foam ear plugs

    I don't want a lot of extra space, I'd like it to work well with half of this loadout but still be able to accommodate the maxes above.

    I like the 5.11 Tactical stuff, but I think it's a little pricey.

    5.11 Tactical - Large Kit Toolbag might be the right size, but $60 is a little steep.

    5.11 Tactical - Bail Out Bag might be a better choice for the same $60.

    Condor - Tactical Response bag at $30 street price might be the way to go. I will probably lose something over the 5.11, but I can't see getting 2x the utility out of the Bail Out Bag as I would over the Condor. But I could be wrong, as I've never handled either of them.

    What other options should I be looking at? I also saw some fishing tackle bags that looked promising, but wasn't sure if they'd be a great fit. I'd think that I'd want something purpose-build for the gun retention and protection from unnecessary wear on the finish of the gun.
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  2. CA357

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    I have two Tanker's tool bags. One is 19" long and the other is shorter, maybe 11" in length. They're OD canvas and they really hold up. I've been using them for years and they show zero wear.

    The long one is perfect for a spotting scope & tripod, so I use it for long gun stuff and I generally use the shorter one for handgun stuff. Depending on the range trip, I may take both.

    They're not sexy or tactical, but they're practical and they work.

    Here's a link to a short version that's close to mine: G.I. Style O.D. Mechanics Tool Bag: Home Improvement

  3. fireguy

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    Winchester makes a small range bag that is sold my Wally world. It has held up for me for a year now. It has side pockets for two handguns and enough room for the things you were talking about. Only around $20 last I looked.
  4. DrGonzo11

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    Check out, they have tons of cheaper options and most of them are of a good quality.
  5. LincolnTactical

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    Bro if you want a real bad *** Tactical Gear Bag, check this out..

    The best seller is the Camelbak Linchpin hydration carrier & the Maxpedition packs... I use a Maxpedition Jumbo bag for my EDC gear