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    I read an article yesterday and was stunned at the stupidity of what was quoted. Not the entire article but just 1 line in particular (don't get me wrong, the article was full of stupidity). So it got me thinking that maybe we - members of FTF - could compile a quote board of stupidity. To be stickied or even to have it's own section. Members could submit quotes with the proper credit for approval. I don't know exactly how approval would be judged - maybe a majority vote from the mods, a poll from members requiring 80% approval? But in any case I would like to offer up this as a start,

    "New York is one of the safest states in the nation and it must stay that way," said Silver (D-Manhattan)
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    comments like that make me want to slap those words back into the mouth they came from. I'm with you, that comment is almost as stupid as Palin watching Russia from her back yard.